Friday, August 28, 2009

Silhouette Special Edition Oct 09

The Sheik and the Bought Bride by Susan Mallery

This was the first Mallery book I read in her Sheik series and it did not disappoint! I checked my library for some of the others in the series to read as I need more to read but oh well...Susan Mallery is a favorite of mine! This was a great story about love and understanding and breaking and starting new traditions. Plus a nice dose of steaminess! :) You will not be disappointed reading this on a rainy afternoon.... Four stars

A Weaver Baby by Allsion Leigh

This was an interesting story but it has the secret baby storyline which I don't really mind but I know many people dislike. J.D. and her boss Jake share a night together after the horse she trains for him does well and it results in a baby, something she thought would be difficult for her due to an injury she suffered when stepped on by a horse when younger. She tries to tell Jake but an emergency happens and she returns home to Wyoming and her family. J.D. had trained a horse, Latitude, who suffered a horrible injury in a race and Jake brings the horse to her to have him heal as Latitude really only responds to her. The truth about the baby finally reveals itself after Jake sticks around...just because of the horse. I'm not really a horse person but the bond J.D. has with them was great and her caring for Latitude and his difficulties that arise is great. Three and a half stars.

The Nanny and Me by Teresa Southwick

I thought I would enjoy this one more and I didn't really like it much. It felt like a very familiar storyline, one I guess I don't enjoy. Blake gets custody of his orphaned niece Mia and nanny Casey comes to the rescue to help deal with this troubled pre teen. Casey has a back story that helps her deal with Mia but I don't know, this was just an ok read for me. Three stars.

The Texas CEO's Secret by Nicole Foster

Another story in the continuing storyline of the Foleys and the McCords. Here we catch up with Blake and Katie...who is Blakes brother Tates ex-fiance. Blake has been in love with Katie the whole time she was with Tate (who is happily engaged to Tanya) and now finally makes some moves to be with Katie. She falls for him but convincing themselves and their families that they are not just settling for each other is nice to read. Three and a half stars.

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