Monday, November 29, 2010

The Care and Taming of a Rogue by Suzanne Enoch

This is yet another delightful historical romance from a new to me author. This is the first book in Ms Enochs Adventurers' Club series, and I am glad that the next two books, A Lady's Guide to Improper Behavior and Rules of an Engagement, are already out so I can dive right into them!
This book follows the adventurer Captain Bennett Wolfe and Phillipa aka Flip. Bennett returns to London after being presumed dead from his fellow co adventurer Langley. Needless to say, when Bennett arrives at his friend Jacks home, the reading party gathered there to discuss "his" book, everyone is quite surprised. He hears the voice of Phillipa and is instantly intrigued and drawn to her. Bennett is not one to follow rules, though and Phillipa wants a proper courtship....not to be told that Bennett wants her naked, that is just not proper! Oh, and red roses are definitely not proper for a first flower!
Bennett has another problem to contend with than just courting Phillipa properly; Langley has stolen his journals and written a book from them and has all the credit while making Bennett look like a fool. Phillipa sees right though this new book though as Bennett has written two previous books that are in a much different tone and decides to help Bennett get his journals back so he may clear his name.
This book has plenty of laughs and sweet moments in it along with a bit of, well, adventure. Bennett returns home with his pet monkey, Kero, who is a great addition to the storyline, I think. Bennett and Phillipa seem to balance each other, her book loving, quietness to his adventurousness. While this book has a few flaws with it, like how the side story of Phillipas sister Olivia and her relationship with Jack just kind of hangs there, it is still a easy, fun read. I was able to read it easily in two days even with by boys running around, which is quite an accomplishment in our house! 3 1/2 stars

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Whisper Falls by Toni Blake

This is the third book in Toni Blakes Destiny series and a wonderful addition to an already wonderful series. This time around we meet Lucky, the long lost bad ass brother of Mike (Sugar Creek) who took off right after high school without looking back or telling anyone where he was going. He has returned to Destiny for a reason, a spoiler so I don't want to reveal it, and is trying to turn his life around after being in a bad motorcycle gang and leaving that and residing in Milwaukee (love when WI pops up in a book!) trying to blend in and escape. He now has a respectable custom motorcycle shop doing painting and meets his neighbor, Tessa one night as she is looking for her friends lost cat outside. She is a bit startled by his appearance--long hair, grim reapers tattoos but is surprised when he gets a bowl of milk to coax out the kitty. She recognizes him for who he is and tells her best friends Amy and Rachel, who happens to be Mikes fiancee.
Lucky and Tessa start up a flirtation via their back decks and Lucky hires Tessa, an interior decorator, to make his home more "normal". If you have read the previous books, this book starts off much slower in the romance department than those ones but as Tessa and Luckys continue their flirtation, Lucky always pulls away for fear of his past coming back to haunt him. Tessa decides to take matters into her own hands and the results are smokin as Toni Blake does so superbly!
Ah, the emotion in this book is off the charts for me. When Lucky and Mike and later Lucky and his parents, it will make you hope, cry, smile and even cringe a bit (Mike has quite a few issues with Lucky leaving like he did). And the love between Tessa and Lucky, while a bit slow starting up, is beautiful. When Lucky tells Tessa he loves her, so sweet and tender. I love the back story on why their little area they live in is called Whisper Falls and the words they whisper to each other are perfect. This whole book is perfect in fact. I can not wait to buy it and read it again and add it to my keeper shelf. Big big 5 stars!

I received this ebook via (Thank you!)

Side note: Ms Blake has mentioned that this series can be read as a stand alones and while it can, I recommend reading at least the previous book, Sugar Creek to get a bit of Mikes backstory and if you can read One Reckless Summer to meet Jenny and Mick, who pop up as well you should. They are both wonderfully, emotional 5 star reads.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Seducing the Duchess by Ashley March

This is the debut novel by Ashley March and while I did not love it, she seems to be a promising new author to keep an eye on. This story follows Philip Burgress, Duke of Rutherford, and his journey to get his wife, Charlotte, back. Philip and Charlotte were childhood playmates along with Charlottes brother Ethan and Joanna, a nearby neighbor. Philip was groomed to be a duke and with that all that that entails...being ruthless, cold and unfeeling. Joanna was destined to be his bride against her wishes and she decides to elope with Ethan, but that falls through and of course, Philip is furious and plots revenge. Revenge being wooing Charlotte and telling her he loves her, marrying her and after consummating their marriage, telling her it was all fake.
Charlotte is naturally furious and takes up all sorts of unduchess like behaviors: gambling, carousing and flirting in hopes of a divorce from the man she now hates. Philip refuses but then, three years later he sends off his mistress and decides to woo back his wife as he realizes he does, in fact, love her. He kidnaps her back to their home in the country and proceeds to tell her he will divorce her....if he grooms him to be a better husband for this hopeful new wife, Joanna.
This book has so many back and forth moments it is a tad frustrating. He loves her and gives her sweet gifts (a harp for one) but then remembers he is a duke and does not beg for anything. Charlotte goes from "I hate you" to "I love you" in a matter of minutes. And there is Joanna, caught in the middle, trying to help Charlotte embarrass Philip but later helping Philip trying to make Charlotte jealous.
Overall, this is a well written book with lots of sexual tension but to much back and forth nonsense for me. I think this is the first in a series and I will look forward to more books hopefully involving Joanna and possibly Ethan. 3 1/2 stars.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Dance!

Yeah! I just got an early ebook of Whisper Falls from NetGalley! Really excited to read it...not quite sure if I am going to be able to finish Seducing the Duchess right now b/c I can not wait to read it! But, I am OCD with my books, needing to finish them and reading them in order so I will try to finish that one up tonight. I love Toni Blake, she is an auto buy for me, so I am looking forward to reading and reviewing Whisper Falls :) Just had to share a bit of happiness for me, lol

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wicked Surrender by Jade Lee

This is yet another new to me author and I was once again, pleasantly surprised. This book follows Scher Martin and her dream to be accepted into society as she is but the daughter of an actress. As the owner of the Green Room, a theatre/bar, she is offered to become more than one mans mistress almost daily but Scher longs for the respectability that comes with the wedding ring. Her mother, father, and sister all passed away from sicknesses due to the fact that the doctor helped higher ups in society before going to help them. Scher does not want this for her future children and decides she must marry well to protect them and herself.
So Scher accepts Kits proposal and begins to deal with his horrible family and society's reaction to her. The only person that understands her is Kits cousin Brandon. He was sent by his family to sleep with Scher and forcing an end to the engagement and saving Kit but he realizes he can not do it as he discovers feelings for her. Brandon begs her to become his mistress but Scher refuses without the ring, but Brandon has many deep demons of his own and can not marry her.
As the story unfolds and Brandons past is revealed, I have to admit, I did not now how this couple I was rooting for would end up together without hurting Kit and others. This is a moving story of love with plenty of sexual tension and the eventual "surrender" is very well done, and not rushed. And the epligoue....wowza...guess I am reading the next book, Wicked Seduction! 4 stars.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Since starting my new job working from home, I have let my reviews slide due to lack of time so I thought if I had a bit of time I would backtrack on some of the awesome books I have read this past year. One of the benefits of my job is that I can listen to audio books which in turn had lead me to check out some other books that I may not have found time for otherwise.
The first series I want to mention today is the In Death series by JD Robb aka Nora Roberts. The first book in the series of over 30 to date is Naked in Death and Indulgence in Death (In Death, #31) just being released this Nov. This whole series focuses on Lieutenant Eve Dallas and the handsome, suave, glorious Irishman Roarke....sigh....he is to die for :) These books are set in 2058 but don't let that stop you if you avoid future type books. They are written in a way that you don't feel like they are so futuristic. Just some great ideas, like professional mom pay!, and vertical lift for cars. Yes, there are 31 books so far and many more to come I hope, but Robb does a great job with the suspense, some books are better than others, and the romance and love between Dallas and Roarke is smokin! But what really makes these books just keep working and working are the the wonderful supporting characters. They make the books from Peabody to Mavis and beyond...

And since I have listened to all of these on audio so far I have to mention the fab-u-lous narrator, Susan Erickson. She has breathed life into all these characters in a way that is beyond great. I am only up to #23 and I took a bit of a break from them to start up JR Wards Brotherhood series (LOVE!!) but I can not wait to get back to them!! Almost all these books have been 5 star reads for me. If you have not picked one up!! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tempting the Marquess by Sara Lindsey

This is the second novel in new author Sara Lindseys Weston series following Promise Me Tonight. The Weston siblings "have been blessed with Shakespearean names and an affinity for impropriety" and this book focuses on the second oldest sister, Olivia. She travels with her Aunt Kate and niece to Scotland to visit Aunt Kates stepson, Jason, Marquess of Sheldon. Jasons wife Laura had died in a tragic horsing accident a couple years ago leaving Jason alone with their young son, Edward. Now why is Olivia going with? Well...she was organizing the library at her Aunt Kates other home and found Lauras diary and also a small mystery, find the treasure type game from Jason to Laura. Naturally, Livvy could not let this be and found the treasure, a small picture of Jason in a brooch and she falls in love and decides she can rescue this poor, lonely, handsome man! So she travels to Scotland to save him (as she read many Gothic novels and has many ideas in her head) and does indeed find him handsome....and quite arrogant and stuck in the mud. Sparks fly and there are of course, the big misunderstandings but it resolves itself quite nicely.
I read these two books back to back and I really looking forward to the next story, A Rogue of for All Seasons. Sara Lindsey writes a delightful story with some fun dialogue and snappy quips between the H/H. Overall, a great new author....four stars!

Still here....

I'm still around! I started working from home a year ago and it has turned my life a bit upside down. It seems easy to work 7 hours from home with your kids....but its have to stay up late and that takes away from my "me" time for reading and blogging and such! Hopefully I will try to get back to my reviews and chatting with my other bookfriends!
I have one note to add quickly before I go back to work: I have rediscovered historical romance and am in LOVE with them! Of course...that has added a large amount of books I have to read now but sigh, oh well, lol! I also have an ereader now that I am slowly getting to use. Looking forward to using it more in the future as I hope to purchase just ebooks but I have all these darn paperbacks that I bought that I need to read :)
Hopefully posting a new review soon!!