Thursday, May 31, 2012

Three Weddings and a Murder by Tessa Dare, Leigh LaValle, Courtney Milan and Carey Baldwin

First, this is an anthology that the proceeds go to raise funds for Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  Please read more here and here.  Such a great cause and such a generous donation!  Thanks ladies!!

Now, for a quick recap of a great anthology!

The Scandalous, Dissolute, No-Good Mr. Wright by Tessa Dare

For a novella, I usually prefer the couple to have know each other previously for the story to work better in the shorter space but in this one they don't...and it still works!  Miss Eliza Cade made a foolish mistake when she was younger and pays for it no by not being able to have a Season until her three older sisters are married.  She unintentionally meets the notorious rake, Harry Wright and they both capture each others attention.  A bit of time passes and a chance encounter reacquaints them, and the desire and attraction still burns.  With clever chapter titles and superb writing skills, you will fall for this couple and hope they overcome the obstacles that continue to arise.  Tessa Dare is an auto buy author for me and she proves why, even in the shorter story length.  4 stars 

The Misbehaving Marquess by Leigh LaValle

If you read Leigh LaValle's debut, The Runaway Countess, you know that Cat is in an unhappy marriage with her husband leaving her alone for five years.  When Jamie suddenly returns home and demands he wants an heir, all the hurt and unresolved feelings from the past five years come back full force.  It takes a small 'aha' moment for Jamie to finally talk to Cat about what happened in the past and try to forgive and move forward.  But when Cat reveals her own heartache, will they be able to overcome the last hurdle to find a way to renew their vows and start anew?  This was a very engaging story to a secondary character from a previous book and I am very happy with the results.  We get a small peek into Mazie's life as well and I am anxious for more books from the very talented Leigh LaValle!  4 stars

The Lady Always Wins by Courtney Milan

Simon Davenant was crushed when his childhood sweetheart married another, just to have money since his father was going to cut him off if he dared marry Ginny.  Now, seven years later, Ginny is a widow and he has three days to make her fall back in love with him before his new found wealth disappears.  But Ginny had her reasons for marrying for money and when they come up, it about undoes Simon's plans.  I enjoyed the banter between this couple, how they were always trying to one up each other and the ultimate one up comes at the end and was a nice little twist, which you don't always get in a novella.  Another enjoyable story for one of my favorite authors.  Seriously, Courtney Milan could write the phone book in a way that would be enjoyable :)  4 stars

Solomon's Wisdom by Carey Baldwin

It was kind of weird going from historical to romantic suspense, but once I got my brain adjusted I enjoyed this debut novella from Carey Baldwin.  It is about two couples, one long estranged and one happily married with a son and what happens when some mysterious bruises appear on the child.  The chain reactions from this event make for a quick story and twists and turns that worked all right with the novella length, but I felt would have been better situated as a full length or slightly longer novella story.  It was an enjoyable, quick read and a nice taste for what is to come in the future.  3 1/2 stars

Overall, I enjoyed all the novellas and they seem to be a good taste of each authors work.  For historical romance fans, I would recommend them all.  They will make you smile and laugh and sigh and leave you with a happy heart...and your heart is sure to pound a bit with the last one.  Overall, 4 stars

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bedding Lord Ned by Sally MacKenzie

Miss Eleanor Bowman has been in love with Lord Edward for quite some time but when he married her best friend, she knew it was not meant to be.  Shortly after though, his wife dies in childbirth, it leaves Ned devastated and he lives in sort of a fog.  When his mother, aptly nicknamed the Duchess of Love, has her annual house party, he attends and decides he must remarry and start a family.  Thankfully his mother has invited some potential suitors for him and for Ellie, who has been like a daughter since they grew up together.  However, the Duchess of Love has a different agenda for Ned and Ellie and with the help of her mischievous cat, Reggie, she sets about helping this couple finally find the happiness they have both been looking for.

This was a delightful, fun book filled with laughter, hijinks, sexual tension and love.  I loved that Ned's parents (whose story is told in The Duchess of Love) get there own scene time in the bedroom.  That is not something often seen and I adored seeing the love still going strong between them.  We get introduced to the Ned's two brothers who add in some fun interactions and also have interesting set-ups for their upcoming stories.  Ned thinks of Ellie as a sister until Reggie drags in some red drawers of hers and all he can think of is what Ellie is wearing underneath her prim and proper gowns and the more time Ellie spends with some of the other men at the party, the more Ned gets jealous.  It finally takes a good talking to from his brothers to finally see the true light...after quite a funny proposal.  This is my first full length novel from Sally MacKenzie and I got a kick out of her use of such words as Zeus and Zounds and lots of Ah's.  I'm not sure if this happens in her other books, but I enjoyed it in this one.  Overall, this is a classic tale of childhood friends who grow to love each other but can not quite get to the same conclusion and the same time.  It has humor, jealously, an adorable cat and smoldering sexual tension (but only one true love scene) all wrapped up in a way that will leave you smiling.  I know I am eager for the two brothers books!  3 1/2 stars

Thanks to Kensington, Zebra imprint, for providing me with this ARC!

The Duchess of Love
The Duchess of Love (Duchess of Love, #.5)
Available as an ebook or printed in its entirety in Bedding Lord Ned (which I love, bravo Kensington!)
Plus two more books to come

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Covers and a small update

Here are a few pretty covers from this week. . . I have quite a few more from the October books from Avon but since none of the authors have shared any of them yet, I'm going to wait another week or so to share them :)
Also, if my posts seem a little on the slower side it is because my work got slammed with work so I have been working at least 10 extra hours a week lately and that cuts into my reading and blogging time.'s more money (yay!) but tiring :)  Hopefully this will be cleared up within the next two weeks though!!  At least I hope so...I have to many books to read and my boys will be home from school so they need attention too...I guess, lol.

I really like this cover.  It is nice and simple and perfect for the holidays. Twas the Night after Christmas is a hardcover release that will be out October 30th and is listed on goodreads as book six in the Hellions of Halstead Hall but since I have not read the last two yet (and I thought the series was over), I'm not sure how this one factors in.  Anyways, I will be picking it up either way :)

Oh, sigh.  What a pretty cover!  You wouldn't think red hair and a magenta dress would work together but I guess they do :)  This will be an ebook available July 3rd and will introduce the new heroines in the continuation of the Drakes Rakes saga.

This is one awesome, sexy cover!  I love the red!  Ripe for Seduction will be out January 2013.  I still need to read the previous book (Ripe for Scandal), but I did enjoy the first novel in The League of Second Sons (Ripe for Pleasure) so I will get caught up before January!

Elise Rome shared the updated cover for The Sinning Hour!  This was previously going to be a novella but turned into a full length, yay :)  I love the gold!  That seems to be a hot color for covers lately.  Look for this one at the end of June (self publishing).

And finally is When the Duke Found Love.  This will be book three in Isabella Bradford's new series, Wylder Sisters and I love that the cover fits right in with the previous two.  The blue/yellow combo makes it pop a bit and I love the inclusion of the purple fan :)  Look for this one November 27th.

So, that is it for now!  Hopefully I can share the other goodies I have on tap as well soon :)  I really like all these covers--how about you?  Any of them catch your eye?

Happy Release Day!!

Along Came A DukeA Night Like This (Smythe-Smith Quartet, #2)Winter Garden (Winter Garden, #2)
A Gentleman Undone (Blackshear Family, #2)Unexpected PleasuresA Little More Scandal (The Christies, #1.5)

It looks like a good release day to me!  I love the cover on Along Came a Duke and since it is the start of a new series and I have yet to read anything by Elizabeth Boyle, I will be picking this one up!  I was lucky enough to read an ARC of A Night Like This and it is sure to please Julia Quinn fans!  Winter Garden is a reissue with a new cover.  Even though I didn't love Cecilia Grant's debut, I am still going to read A Gentleman Undone and hope I like this one a bit more.  Unexpected Pleasures is a new one from Mary Wine.  And finally, an ebook novella from Carrie Lofty, A Little More Scandal (for only 99 cents!).

Hope there is something that catches your reading taste this week!  Next week we see new releases from Samantha Grace, Jayne Fresina, Sally Mackenzie, Cheryl Ann Smith, and Donna MacMeans.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

His Wicked Heart by Darcy Burke

Jasper Sinclair, Earl of Saxton, is well aware of the bargain he made to let his sister marry for love but that does not stop his arrogant father from demanding he fulfill his duty to wed within the a proper young lady with proper breeding.  Absolutely no lady lacking prestigious credentials will be acceptable, even if he ruins her.  Jasper thought he had found love years ago and even though he ruined her, her family was quickly shipped off to America as she was well beneath a future Duke's realm.  As he is out looking for some entertainment one night, he helps rescue a red-haired beauty who turns him down flat.  Confident she will change her mind, he leaves his card as being her protector is much better that the hovel she is staying in.  So it comes at no surprise that the red-haired beauty sends around a note a day later.  What happens after, though,  is a huge surprise and sets a course that will change Jasper's life forever.

Olivia West, daughter of a notorious courtesan, is recently orphaned and struggling to make ends meet by doing work as a seamstress.  She hopes to find a job doing embroidery and almost has some luck, when she receives an unwanted advance and all her prospects plummet.  Meeting the dashing Jasper leaves quite an impression on her but as she is determined to be better than her mother, she turns him away until it looks like she has no other options.  Together, with a friend, they come up with a crazy (and I do mean crazy) idea that ends up crashing and leaving a very irate Jasper to deal with Olivia.  And just when all hope seems lost, an angel arrives in the form of one Lady Louisa to whisk her away to a life she never knew.  There is just one small problem...Louisa just happens to be Jasper's aunt and Jasper is determined to protect his beloved aunt from the surely scheming, deceitful Olivia.  Matters of the heart are always a bumpy road but when trust is lost, what will it take to reform that trust and find happiness?  Jasper is determined to figure that out with Olivia!

After reading Darcy Burke's debut, Her Wicked Ways, and meeting Jasper and seeing the sacrifice he was willing to make to allow his sister her happiness, I was very eager for his book and I am so glad it was enjoyable!  Jasper was such a delightful mufti-layered character.  On the surface, he knows his duty and knows he can never ruin another innocent again and he feels much remorse and anger as to how the situation was handled.  He finds some solace in a fighting club, run by a peer but a peer that is pretty scandalous in his own right but it helps Jasper release some of his tension while showing what true friends can be, peerage or no peerage.  Jasper also has a kind heart proven by his willingness to help those who cross his path with unfortunate circumstances.  When he is betrayed by Olivia, it takes quite a while before he can start to trust her again and find the strength and courage he needs to stand up to his father to do what is right for him.  Olivia is trying to succeed in one of my favorite professions of this time period and I loved the little tidbits about fashion and sewing.  She lets down her guard for a moment and lets herself do something truly reckless and in the end, it will almost cost her true love and happiness.  Olivia is a decisive, strong, independent young lady who is longing for a real family, a place to fit in and Jasper with his sexy, kind heart and strong loyalty to those he loves, is the perfect partner.  If you are looking for a romance that is going to make you smile and sigh and shake your ereader because you want the couple to work it out and find that trust again mixed with dreadfully annoying parents and a loving, perhaps a bit dotty, aunt--this is a wonderful romance to read!  Darcy Burke is an author to watch!  4 solid stars

Thanks so much to the author for providing me with this eARC!

Related Books
Her Wicked Ways
To Seduce a Scoundrel (Ms Burke led up to this book beautifully and I can't wait to see how it plays out!)  July 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Release Day!!

Here are a few titles that are being released today!  Enjoy!

One Naughty Night (The Scandalous St. Claires, #1)Lady Alexandra's Excellent Adventure

I think I will be picking up all of these in some form or another.  If the Slipper Fits is the start of a new series and since I love anything Cinderella, I'm looking forward to it.  The Taming of a Scottish Princess is the conclusion to Karen Hawkins Hurst Amulet series, a series I need to get caught up on!  I know Carla Kelly has many fans and are eagerly awaiting a new regency book from her.  I have not read a lot from her by Marriage of Mercy sounds good!  One Naughty Night is the start of a new series from Laurel McKee and one I am also looking forward too.  And finally is Lady Alexandra's Excellent Adventure, the start of a new series from Sophie Barnes and a book I would recommend!  So, hope there is a book or two out for you to enjoy today!  Lots of good ones next week as well :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lady Amelia's Mess and a Half by Samantha Grace

Lady Amelia Audley is back in town after the shocking death of her husband.  She has dedicated herself to raising funds for an orphanage to improve their living conditions and she must secure some more funding so it forces her to attend a ball held by the mother of the only man she has loved, Jake Hillary.  Amelia draws comfort and support from her best friend Bibi but that causes a whole other set of problems as Bibi is a bit of a flirt and her actions have caused her to be shunned by most of the matrons of society.   Still, they arrive at the ball determined to gather the funds needed all without encountering the man who broke her heart.

Jake Hillary has been in love with Amelia for years and was stunned when she married his best friend.  It left him devastated and he moved on with his life but one glance at Mia and all the old feelings return in force.  When his charming older brother attempts to make a play for Mia, he is forced to Daniel the truth and Mia and Jake slowly find themselves enjoying each others company once again.  But with so much hurt and confusion in the past, will they be able to bury the past and find the future they long for together?

Sigh, what a wonderful romance book this was!  I was worried that the entire book was going to be about miscommunications, that Jake and Amelia were not going to be together until the end of the book but I was so wrong and that made this book so much more delightful!  Just when I wanted to say 'just talk to each other'--they did!  That was very refreshing.  There is no big misunderstanding--a few minor ones that are resolved quickly--but there is a bit of a twist near the end that will leave you flipping the pages and just when you think you have it all figured just might not...and I loved that.  There is a wonderful side romance between Bibi and an unlikely suitor that added another lovely layer of romance without subtracting from the main couple.  And when the truth of Bibi's past is revealed, sigh.  I also loved the inclusion of Jake's brother, Daniel, as he adds a bit of tension and also a nice dose of humor.  I am very eager for his book!  I really enjoyed seeing more of the big, lovable and meddlesome Hillary family.  They all love each other and tease and 'help' each other as they see fit.  I loved watching Jake and Mia refind their love and make it work, even with a few obstacles in the way (Jake and Bibi have a hard time sharing Mia) they stayed true to each other.  If you are looking for a romance book that will make you laugh, smile, sigh and fan yourself, Samantha Grace has delivered a winner with Lady Amelia's Mess and a Half and she seems to be making a name for herself for her witty and sexy stories!  4 1/2 stars

I received this eARC from Sourcebooks via 

Beau Monde series
Can be read as a standalone but best enjoyed in order
Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel (Beau Monde, #1)
 Miss Lavigne's Little White Lie  Daniel's story  Oct 2012
The Damnation of a Duke (working title) Spring 2013

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Covers

Some new covers this week. . .


Guess what?  I love this cover :)  It seems all the pretty purple covers lately have been stunning and A Breath of Scandal: The Reckless Brides is no exception.  This is book two in Elizabeth Essex's The Reckless Brides series and will be out Dec 26th and it will be on my Christmas list!

Next up are the two new covers for Jillian Stone's The Gentleman of Scotland Yard series.  I really enjoyed her debut so I am looking forward to more of this men!  I really enjoy these covers too, they seem very fitting with the books.  Look for A Dangerous Liaison with Detective Lewis Aug 28th and A Private Duel with Agent Gunn (with, if I'm not mistaken, Paul Marron on the cover!) November 27th.

Well, I have yet to read anything by Karen Hawkins (though I have picked up quite a few of her books!) but I am liking the Cinderella-esque theme of this cover.  It looks to be the start of a new series, The Duchess Diaries, so I may have to finally read Ms Hawkins with this one.  Look for How to Capture a Countess in September.

Grace Burrowes shared this lovely cover in her newsletter last month but I see it online as well now so it must be ok to share :)  I love the whole series of covers she has had!  They are elegant and pretty and sexy at the same time.  The pop of read is perfect for the holidays!  Lady Louisa's Christmas Knight (The Duke's Daughters, #3) will be out October 1st.

And finally here is the awesome cover for the next book by Tracey Devlyn.  I love the purple (of course) and you can tell she has no problem being in charge with that pistol in her grip. Checkmate, My Lord looks to be full of adventure and I look forward to its release in February 2013.

So, which covers caught your attention?  Any you added to your wish list?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine by Jayne Fresina

Miss Sophie Valentine is a bit stunned that the dashing James Hartley has just proposed to her--after all they were just compromised together--but when she sees an interaction between him and another woman, it leaves some doubts in her mind as to his love for her.  It also makes Sophie fall off a balcony that ends up leaving her with a scar and she ends the one hour engagement and is forced to live with her uptight brother and his too-good-for-you wife.  Years have passed and in another burst of anger with her brother and sister-in-law, Sophie writes off  to a local paper for a husband, never really expecting anyone to show up.  So when the mysterious Lazarus Kane shows up for her hand, she is intrigued but can not accept due to reasons beyond her control.  But as Kane has been looking for her this entire time, he will not take no for an answer and soon the two become all the other can think about and just when it seems they can make it work, Sophie's past comes back to cause trouble and the truth of Kane is revealed.

Hmm...I'm a bit torn about this one.  I really struggled with the first half of the book.  Not much happens beyond them lusting after each other and we get just tiny, tiny pieces that allude to what happened in the past.  Like we don't hear the truth about Sophie's scar until three quarters on the way in but there are just little snippets to keep you going but they just made me frustrated, not intrigued.  The same frustration was felt for me with the truth about Kane's past and how he came to know Sophie.  I was pretty certain I knew but it would have been nice to have it confirmed a bit sooner.  I did like that Sophie is a bit older than Kane, it was a refreshing twist of events.  I thought this book was going to be a bit humorous but beyond a few smiles, it was a little flat for me.  Overall, the second half of the book picked up the pace and was much more enjoyable but it just didn't have that extra something for me.  Sophie is bold, impulsive, stubborn and doesn't always think her actions through and it causes a few problems.  Kane is sexy, mysterious, likable and also stubborn and I admired his dedication to finding his angel.  The writing was good and I believe I know who the couple is going to be for the next book and that one looks to be fun so I am going to definitely be reading The Wicked Wedding of Miss Ellie Vyne. So while not a huge winner for me, it was good but it just needed a little more to make it shine.  3 stars

I received this eARC from Sourcebooks via

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 The Wicked Wedding of Miss Ellie Vyne
 January 1st 2013

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lady Alexandra's Excellent Adventure by Sophie Barnes

Michael Ashford, Earl of Trenton, has no clue how fast his life is going to be turned upside down when he has to go retrieve a possible traitor, William.  As Michael has never met William before in his duties with the Foreign Office, he agrees that William's 'brothers' should accompany him to correctly identify William.  Michael believes these two brothers will just be in his way and really pays them little mind.  He does find it odd that Alex needs to constantly wear a scarf to cover a disfigurement but again, pays it little mind.  The shock of finding out that Alex is truly Lady Alexandra, renowned swordswoman, angers Michael.  But after the anger of being betrayed recedes, a deep admiration for this spirited hoyden grows until he knows that Alex is the only woman for him.  Convincing a marriage scared Alex is a whole other matter though...

After her mothers death when she was a young girl and watching her father fall to pieces without his partner anymore has turned Alexandra into the daring woman she is today, but not without cost.  She can best her brothers at swords easily and would rather wear breeches than a ball gown and once her father came out of his deep grief, he thankfully encouraged her and had her train with the best.  She is determined to prove her brother Williams innocence and will not get hanged up on the man set out to see him accused.  Besides, she has no intention of ever marrying and having her love die and leave her alone and saddened by grief.  But as life throws Michael and Alexandra together through some delightful occurrences (the duel, yes a real duel, between them is quite fun!), Alex keeps Michael at arms length until it is too late.  Alexandra must decide if true love is worth the risk after all.

This was another delightful novel from Sophie Barnes!  I really enjoyed how Alexandra was encouraged to follow her desires to wield a sword and fight by her father and her brothers.  She was not forced to be a 'proper' lady but underneath all her hoyden ways, she is still a woman longing for love and scared to accept it when she finds it.  I also enjoyed her reasons for not wanting to marry--she had a wonderful example from her parents but the thought of enduring the sadness that her father suffered when her mother passed too soon, really shaped her views on love and marriage.  Her relationship with her two brothers, William and Ryan, was great and leads to some fun interactions!  Michael is a perfect balance to her and adds a sense of calm and is one of the only people that can actually best Alex at a few things!  He knows fairly quickly that Alex is the only woman for him but convincing Alex of that proves to be more of a challenge than he thought.  I did feel that our couple fell for each other fairly quickly but it then took awhile for them to finally say their true feelings for each.  And when they finally do, Alexandra's temper almost gets the best of her :)  Overall, this is a fun, light, sexy read that has just enough intrigue to add some weight to the story.  I started laughing fairly early on and I kept smiling throughout the whole book.  I am really looking forward to William and Ryan's stories!  4 stars

I received this eARC from Avon Impulse via

Summersby Tale series
Two more books to come in November, yay!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Night Like This by Julia Quinn

Daniel Smythe-Smith, Earl of Winstead, has been in a self imposed exile for three years after a drunken card game got out of control and he ends up shooting his good friend, Hugh.  He has been constantly looking over his shoulder, guarding his life against Hugh's father who vowed to kill him for damaging his son.  When Hugh tracks him down one day to say it is safe to return home finally, Daniel does and arrives just in time for the annual Smythe-Smith quartet musicale.  He is intrigued by the lovely woman playing the piano who is surely no relation of his so how is she playing in his family's musicale?

Anne Wynter can not believe how she got roped into playing the piano when it is her charges eldest sisters job.  But as she wants to keep a low profile and she needs to keep her job, she sees no other option.  Looking up during a break, she spots Daniel and is immediately drawn to him.  As their flirtation grows, so does their attraction and respect but Anne knows her place in life and she is hiding a secret that will surely shame Daniel.   However, when her past catches up to her, Anne will do what she must to protect Daniel and her charges--even if it means leaving Daniel forever.

Ah, Julia Quinn.  She can take a common storyline--a woman scored by her family for one reckless mistake and forced to be a governess or companion and then falls for an earl--and weave it in such a delightful manner!  The sparring between Daniel and Anne is such fun to read and the addition of Daniel's younger cousins, to whom Anne is governess too, add another layer of fun that makes me wish for my own passel of sisters and thankful that I don't have three sisters at the same time.  Watching the love grow between our couple was sweet, tender and sexy at the same time.  If you are looking for a deep, serious book...this is not that book.  If you are looking for something light-hearted, fun, delightful and guaranteed to make you smile and laugh but with just enough suspense to keep it from being too light, A Night Like This is for you!  I believe old fans of Julia Quinn will be delighted with this book as will newcomers.  Julia Quinn just seems to have some extra magic in her writing to make you smile the whole book and leave you sighing at the end.  4 stars

Here is a fun quote to tide you over until release day ;)
"Oh, my God," she whispered.  She did not think she'd ever said those words so many times as she had in the last few minutes, but if there had ever been a time to praise the Lord's creation, this had to be it.

Side note:  I was hoping the pink shoe on the cover would play some sort of role in the storyline but I didn't notice it.  Sigh, oh well :)

I received this eARC from Avon via

Smythe-Smith Quartet
Can be read as a standalone as this one sort of runs the same time as Just Like Heaven
Just Like Heaven (Smythe-Smith Quartet, #1)
Two more books to come!!  (I hope Hugh is one of the heroes!)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Covers

Hello~I've been a bit busy to post this weeks new covers so it has gotten a bit long :)  Lots of lovely covers to admire!!

Covet My Heart is the first book in Elise Rome's new series, Unmasked, follow the prequel novella, The Sinning Hour.  Sigh, so pretty.  This is one of my eagerly awaiting releases and hopefully we will have it soon :)  I'm not sure how Elise finds time to write as she seems to always be crazy busy but she seems too!

Sigh..I love this cover and yes that is mainly because it is purple and I love most things purple.  I like the expression on the women's face.  I enjoyed Manda Collins debut in her Ugly Ducklings series and How to Entice an Earl (which is book three) won't be out until February 2013.  Boo. 

Miss Lavigne's Little White Lie is book thee in Samantha Grace's Beau Monde series and another one I am looking forward too.  Does his shirt have a bit of a purple tinge to it to you?  Look for this one in October.

Mary Blayney looks to be a new to me author and I am drawn to this cover and hope to read it.  I'm not sure if this is officially part of a series but in the summary it says readers will return to the Penniston family.  Her website seems to be a bit out of date at the moment so I will have to do a bit more digging.  It looks like she has written four previous books with the same family.  Look for One More Kiss October 30th.

Yay!  A new book from Shana Galen!  A new book from Shana Galen!  Yes, I'm excited about this one :)  Shana said on Facebook that the cover needs to be tweaked a bit but I love it.  She looks like she is up to no good :)  When You Give a Duke a Diamond is the start of a new series called Jewels on the Ton which will be about three glamorous courtesans in Regency London, and what happens when they come across some dangerous diamonds and equally dangerous men and will be out September 1st (yay!).

How to Tame a Willful Wife is going to be a Regency re-telling of Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew and will be from another new to me author.   I am intrigued by this one and really like the cover!  Look for it November 1st.

Oh, this one is so pretty and from another new to me author!  It also looks to be a debut but I have not found an author site yet to confirm. Waltz With a Stranger will be out December 1st.

And finally here is the cover for To Tempt an Irish Rogue. This looks to be book four in Kaitlin O'Riley's Hamilton Sisters series.  I like the cover so I may try to get caught up before its release in November.

Well, I think thats it!  Not a bad one in the bunch!  Quite a few new authors...just what I need, lol!!  Any in particular that you are looking forward to?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Release Day!!

Here are a few historical romances that are being released today that I am looking forward to---

The Proposal     Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal (The Duke's Daughters, #2)(Windham, #5)     A Gentleman Says "I Do"    Beguiling the Beauty (Fitzhugh Trilogy, #1)

 Not a bad bunch of books :)  And at the end of May, look for new releases from Elizabeth Boyle, Julia Quinn, Sophia Barnes and Cecilia Grant!  Any of these ones caught your eye?  I have not read anything by Mary Balogh but I'm hoping my library will get this one on audio so I can listen to it and give her a try.  Always enjoy stories from Grace Burrowes and I love how all of her covers are so lovely.  Amelia Grey is a new to me author so I might try her with her newest title and I know many people are looking forward to this new series from Sherry Thomas.  I have not fallen in love with her writing yet but I am up for trying again :)