Wednesday, August 12, 2009

With a Twist by Deirdre Martin

This was my first book by Deirdre Martin and I don't think it was the best one to pick. It says this is #2 in the Wild Hart Saga following an anthology story from Double the Pleasure (which I have not read yet) but I thought, oh its just a short story, probably ok to read With a Twist first. On that thought I was right, the couple from their only make a brief appearance. However, Natalie, the heroine, has a sister Vivi who has her own story in Just A Taste, which is part of the Blades series. I really felt like I should have read that first as Vivi and her fiance are in this book quite a bit.

Overall this was just an ok book for me. Kind of slow moving. I felt it could have been a little shorter and I may have enjoyed it more. Wonderful family connections. I do look forward to reading the Blade series and more books from Martin. Just two and a half stars....not much to say about this one!

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