Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swimsuit by James Patterson

Another excellent page turner from Patterson. You are probably wondering where is the romance books I normally read? Well, I picked up one of Pattersons earlier novels, Along Came a Spider years ago and I became hooked. If you have never read him, I suggest you start with the above book. The chapters are short, like three pages normally and you find yourself just racing through the book saying "just one more chapter" over and over again. Swimsuit fits right in with all his previous novels as an enjoyable, suspenseful thriller. Has a few twists and turns, as expected and it had an ending I did not expect and almost leaves an opening for another novel featuring the lead male of Ben, who is a cop turned reporter and novelist.
This book was an easy four stars for me and I would recommend it to anyone looking for something exciting to read in an afternoon or night, because thats how long it will take. You get hooked very quickly. (I'm not going to really say much about plots and whatnot on Pattersons novels because there are usually so many characters that it is hard to do so. I'll just let you know if I liked it or not....and well, I've liked almost every novel he has written so....)

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