Thursday, August 20, 2009

So Into You by Sandra Hill

This was yet another new author for me (darn you PBS!) and yet again, another enjoyable author. Even though this is number eight in Hills Cajun series, I did not feel as if I missed out on much by just reading this one. Of course, I look forward to reading all the previous books, but if you want to try a new author, this is a good one. The story evolves around Angel and Grace and how Angel confesses his love to Grace one day and she rejects him and tells him they are only best friends. He takes off and gets married on the rebound and a year passes with nothing. Angel returns at the direction of Tante Lulu (quite the character!) to help a displaced family of four children from Hurricane Katrina. Little does Grace know he had the marriage annulled....and she wonders what these feelings are all of a sudden for Angel...her best friend!
This was a good four stars for me and I really enjoyed reading it. It has everything you look for in a good, steaminess, family and a good message. I am looking forward to more novels by Hill :)

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