Saturday, August 1, 2009

Midnight Sons Volume 2 by Debbie Macomer

This book contains the two stories, Daddy's Little Helper and Because of the Baby. It is also the second set of books in a three book series of six stories. I highly recommend you read Midnight Sons Volume I: Brides For Brothers\The Marriage Risk first!
The first story involves Mitch and the new teacher Bethany Ross. Mitch's daughter, Chrissie falls for Bethany very quickly and decides that she will make the perfect mother for her and sets about helping her dad marry Ms. Ross. Mitch has a few issues with this as his first marriage ended in disaster and he fells inadequate to love and marry again. Bethany is also in the small town of Hard Luck, Alaska to meet Ben, the owner of the cafe in town and find out what she can about him.
The second story centers on a divorced couple of Karen and Matt. Karen returns to Hard Luck to attend Matts sisters wedding and after Matt and Karen share a dance that leads to a one nighter and a baby. Thankfully Karen tells Matt about the baby and decides to return to the lodge Matt has fixed up in Hard Luck because she is feeling so ill in her home of California. They never stopped loving each other---Karen just could not take Matt going from career to career to career, just as her father did. This is a nice reconciliation story that will leave a smile on your face when you are finished.

Overall, this novel rates four stars for me. It is a wonderful novel about small town Alaska (and make me realize I could never ever live there! No daylight?! Yikes!). I am looking forward to the third novel plus the bonus story, Born in a Small Town, which contains a couple of the children all grown up. Debbie Macomber books are a bit predictable but very enjoyable and well worth reading!!

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