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Season for Temptaion by Theresa Romain

I won an arc of this book from Theresa Roamins blog,  Thanks!

Julia Herington makes quite an impression on James, Viscount Matheson and newly betrothed to Louisa, Julias stepsister, the first time he meets Julia.  James is nervously awaiting the arrival of Louisa when in blows this muttering woman who grows quite embarrassed upon seeing this dashing young man.  They start up a delightful conversation while waiting for the rest of the family to arrive and Julia and James just hit it off together right away.  And the more time that James spends with the family, the more she knows she wants a man just like him for herself.  Unfortunately,  James is for her sister and she needs to keep reminding herself of that does James.

James needed to quickly get engaged to help overshadow a scandal involving his sister and when he meets the lovely Louisa one night at a ball, hiding out in the library, he quickly starts a courtship and asks for her hand in marriage within a couple weeks.  There is no love between Louisa and James, just an understanding that they will do well together.  Louisa is intelligent and poised and will do well as a viscountess.  However, as the story progresses you just get the feeling that Louisa is getting more and more unhappy with their arrangement.  She has a dislike for the dealings of the London ton and is truly most happy in a library.  Julia gets more and more distressed listening to her beloved sister and James, all she wants is for him to call her "my dear", as he refers to Louisa.  But this seems to be something that will never happen.

The sisters and their utterly fun aunt travel to London for the holiday season and to meet James' family.  Oh, what a disaster that was!  His mother is not too pleased with the match, even though she was the one that insisted that James find a bride quickly.  She makes her displeasure known and just ignores Julia for the most part.  Thankfully they need to suffer only the dinner with her rude behavior but it also gives James a chance to explain the reason behind his hasty proposal to Louisa.  Not long after Christmas, James is to escort the sisters and their aunt to a ball but Louisa pleads a headache and just Julia and Aunt Estella.  They end up taking the carriage home alone and Julia being Julia, finally speaks her mind to James about her feelings and she is overjoyed with his response.  This leads to a very heated kiss (but nothing more which I was thankful for as I dislike cheating) that they know must never happen again.  But what happens in the morning changes everything....for the better or the worse?  You will have to see.  I don't want to give away anything about the ending but I will say, I started this book with laughter and I ended the book with laughter.

Overall, this is a delightful, witty debut from Theresa Romain!  Each chapter has a little header, an example of one such quirky one liner : In which baboon behavior leads to unfortunate consequences.  And looking back, each header matches what happens in the chapter, though its not revealed how until you read that chapter.  As for the story, I was a bit hesitant about possible cheating but I was happy with how the situation played out but as it took most of the book, the heat factor is on the lower end.  Yes, there is a small misunderstanding at the end but it is only small and very quickly resolved.  As for our characters...what a cast Ms Romain assembled here.  Julia is true delight to read.  She speaks her mind and mutters and swears and I really enjoyed her.  Louisa is kind and understanding, maybe a bit too much so, but I know she has a more of a story to tell and I hope she gets one.  James is steadfast and honorable and prepared to follow through with his decision and does whatever he can to try to make Louisa happy.  But the real scene stealer is Aunt Estella.  What a hoot she was!  We can all wish we could have someone like her in our corner.  Like I said before, I began this story laughing and I ended the story laughing and that is a true winner in my book.  I look forward to many more books from Theresa Romain.  4 solid heartwarming stars 

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Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue by Stephanie Laurens

"Heather Cynster knew that her latest plan to find a suitable husband was doomed the instant she set foot in Lady Herford's salon."  And so begins the adventure of Heather Cynster and her search for her hero.  Heather quickly catches the sharp hazel eyes of Viscount Breckenridge, family friend, and decides to just ignore him and pray he leaves her be.  That is not to be so and Breckenridge gracefully helps the bane of his existence exit the salon....only to watch her be kidnapped before she can reach her carriage! 

Heather is quite stunned by this quick turn of events but does not put up a fuss, especially when her kidnappers inform her they are not to harm her in any way.  She slowly starts to question the two men and women as to why she was kidnapped but her captors do not tell her much, just that they were hired to capture "one of the Cynster sisters".  As Heather has two other sisters, plus two cousins, who also fit the bill she decides to try to uncover as much as she can about her captor before attempting escape.  She is quite surprised, though, on their first stop for the night at an inn when she hears a noise outside her window and she looks out to see Breckenridge there.  Over the snores of her 'maid', she tells him she must stay with the kidnappers, that they are not out to harm her and she must find out who is behind this and why to protect her family.  Breckenridge reluctantly agrees and states that he will follow her and will get her out if the tides happen to turn.  When the party eventually arrives and means to stay until the laird behind the capture arrives in Gretna Green, they both know the time has come to escape.

Circumstances force the two to travel to Vale, home of Heathers cousin, on foot with the unknown laird close behind searching for them.  Near the beginning of their foot travels, Breckenridge grabs Heathers hand to steady her and they never let go, continuing to walk the entire journey hand in hand, emotions for each swirling and growing.  Once they finally reach Vale and its protection, Breckenridge tells Heather that the natural conclusion from both of their absences from Londons society will be to marry to protect her reputation.  This throws Heather for a tailspin, who even though she will be on the shelf after the season, will not marry unless for love.  Love for her and no other reason.  Naturally, these two are extremely stubborn about who will say those magic words first.  Heather wants to hear Breckenridge say them first but he was burned once by love in his past before and puts no faith in love anymore.  It takes a terrifying accident to finally get these two to open their eyes to what is right in front of their faces!   

This was my first Stephanie Laurens book and I was immediately drawn to the gorgeous cover!  I mean, wow, what a dress!  My only hesitation before starting this book was that this is book 16 in the Cynster saga (but book one in a new trilogy) and as I have OCD about reading books in order, I wasn't sure how that would go.  Overall, on that account, the few family members that made appearances just made me want to go read their stories and there were a few small mentions of things that had happened previously, like Breckenridge seems to have been in a story or two before just had the same effect.  It did not hinder this story at all, it just made me want to someday get to that big back list.

As for the story was really wonderful for most of the book.  I really enjoyed the beginning and the abduction and following results.  I enjoyed seeing a strong, smart women in Heather and a dashing, smart hero in Breckenridge try to figure out the best course of action for Heather and the protection of her family.  The mystery as to why she was kidnapped was revealed a bit but still left me anticipating the next book for more clues as to why this mysterious laird has to kidnap one of the Cynster sisters.  However, once the pair arrive at her cousin Richards home, the story slowed down a bit for me and just circled around the same topic....who will bend and say 'I love you' first.  Even with this slow down, I was impressed with the lovely, sexy, hot, emotional love scenes between Heather and Breckenridge.  I just wanted to knock their heads together too many times to make them open their eyes!  Overall, this is a wonderful romantic adventure with heat and passion that will leave you ready more of these strong Cynster women and the men who fall for them!  4 1/2 stars

Thanks to Avon, Netgalley, and Pam for letting me get a sneak peak at this one!

Also, at the end is a great explanation about the wonderful K.I.S.S. and Teal program to support ovarian cancer and how Avon Books is donating a portion of certain books (ebooks too!) featuring the logo on the book.  Please check out to learn more and help them raise their goal of $50,000!  This is definitely a great book to purchase that will help towards a great cause!

Upcoming Cynster sisters:
In Pursuit of Eliza Cynster: A Cynster Novel (Cynster Bride)
Sept 27, 2011

The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae
                   Jan 24, 2012

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I Love the Earl by Caroline Linden

Margaret de Lacey has accepted her modest life as a spinster after realizing she is handsome and not terribly beautiful with no huge dowry to help tempt a man from all the other bevy of beauties.  When her brother unexpectedly inherits the dukedom of Durham, both of their lives are drastically changed.  Her brother, Francis, settles the huge sum of forty thousand pounds for her dowry with the hopes of Margaret finally finding her own happiness.  Naturally, all the broke, down on their luck, titled gentleman start calling on her but Margaret only wants to marry for love, for herself, not for money.

Rhys Corwen, Earl of Dowling, is one such man very much down on his luck.  His father gambled away his fortune and now his home in literally falling down around him and after a bad flood involving his sheep, he is just steps from ruination.  His delightful friend, Clyve, helpfully provides a list of wealthy ladies and together they set out to met these ladies and see if any will do as a bride.  Margarets name is the highest on the list, of course, with her huge dowry and when he finally makes her acquaintance, well that encounter will have you laughing for sure!  Rhys quickly realizes that Margaret isn't a beautiful, biddable girl, rather she is a woman of passion and spirit with a sharp, bold wit about her.  And he knows she is the one he wants...forever.

Margaret wants nothing to do with money hungry gentleman but she just can't shake Rhys from her mind.  Rhys keeps showing up at events that Margaret is at and always finding a chance to talk to her for a moment and when they finally sneak off into a garden for a moment, they have one of my favorite moments. 
"How many kisses?" he murmured.  
"Just one will do" ...
"How long a kiss?"  He brushed his lips against the corner of her mouth.  
"How long do you need"  She swayed against him...
"To kiss you properly?"  He smiled.  "A lifetime Maggie."  Sigh!

For my first Caroline Linden story, this was an excellent start.  It is just a wonderful romance about Rhys and Maggie (as he calls her).  There are some good supporting characters in his friend Clyve, and Maggies new friend Clarissa.  There was a small hiccup at the end of the book involving Francis and Rhys but I was very happy with the way that played out.  It really brought a big smile to my face and made my heart sigh a bit.  My only small complaint is, as it always seems to be with novellas, is I wanted a bit more.  I would have liked to have seem a bit more of Rhys and Maggies courtship and some more snappy encounters.  Overall though, this is a wonderful romance novella.  Enjoyable characters, main and secondary, great dialogue and some heat help move this story from start to finish very well.  I know I have very happy to have the start of Ms Lindens new trilogy (of which this story is a prequel for) ready to go!  I hope to see more of this great couple and how the secret of Francis changes his sons' lives!  4 solid stars

I received this ebook from the publisher (Avon Impulse) from

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The Taming of the Rake by Kasey Michaels

Thanks to his somewhat fickle, Shakespeare loving mother, Oliver Le Beau Blackthorn and his two brothers, are bastard sons of a earl but raised with every convenience expected as heirs except for acceptance into society.  So when a young, silly in love, Beau decides to propose to the beautiful Lady Madelyn, daughter of an earl, he dressed to impress and expects a delightful 'yes!'.  Oh but what follows is cruel and beyond hurtful to both his pride and body and changes Beau from a happy, not to many cares young man into a grown man intent of revenge on Lady Madelyns spiteful brother, Thomas.  He gives not much more than a passing thought to the young lady there who teased him and offered an apology, until she turns up on his doorstep seven years later.

Lady Chelsea, Madelyns younger sister, is in dire straits.  Her now God-fearing brother Thomas has decided to marry his sister to his esteemed, but always wet mouthed (shudder) Reverend Francis Flotley.  Naturally, this causes much alarm to Chelsea as she can plainly see that the reverend is just using Thomas for his money and refuses to marry the awful man.  As she knows some of what Beau has been up to these past seven years, she decides to bring forth her proposition of them marrying as it would benefit them both.  She would not have to marry the reverend and in return she will not tell her brother what Beau has been doing to his business earnings.  When Chelsea arrives with this plan, in broad daylight and with no chaperone, even in his slightly drunken haze, he agrees knowing that it could mean his death from Thomas, who surely will challenge him.

What follows is a slightly mad-cap of comedies along the way to Gretna Green.  We get the lovely addition of Olivers (as Chelsea calls him) brother, Puck who is quite of bit of fun and had me laughing quite a bit.  We get to watch Oliver and Chelsea try to ignore their growing attraction and eventual fire they create together.  Now, Chelsea is bossy and unpredictable, a mix of intelligence and naivete and this can get a bit annoying at times but I thought her overall determination and humor helped balance her out a bit.  She has no problems telling Oliver what she thinks and how their plans should go about and Oliver didn't seem to have much of a spine and always listened (though her plans were normally on par for the situation).   One of my favorite lines from the book that seems to sum up their relationship is this:  "God make have taken a rib from Adam to give to Eve but, one way or another, Eve had been bashing Adam over the head with it ever since."  Always makes me chuckle.

Overall, this was my first Kasey Michaels book and while I didn't love the main characters at times, I still rather enjoyed it.  The secondary characters add some fun, drama and general creepiness and bitchiness (in the form of the now not-so-lovely Madelyn).  I can not wait to read Pucks book, A Midsummer Night's Sin, and in the future the other brother, Black Jack, book.  This isn't a serious book, but rather a book full of eyebrow raising moments and twists and turns that leads to a satisfactory ending for not just Oliver and Chelsea but also for Chelsea and her brother and  the starting incident.  4 stars

I received this ebook from the publisher via

Hot, hot, hot!

Whew, its hot outside!  I'm still here and working on a couple reviews but my computer room is not air conditioned so after I finish my work for the day, I head to the a/c.  I can't write well in 110 plus humidity and once my job work is done, my hands are starting to sweat...yuck, lol.  Sounds like mildly cooler this weekend so I hope to have the reviews finished and posted then.  Hope you are all staying cool!!

Have to share this pic I found online from my local news station, it just cracks me up!
Yes, that is an a/c in the tent!  lol

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Linnette, the Lioness by Lavinia Kent

Episode Two:  The One with the Fake Baby (love the 'episodes' names!)

We pick up right after Kathryn, The Kitten with the newest cartoon of the Dowager Duchess of Devoshire, Linnette, portraying her as pregnant first by her friends husband, then by the new Duke of Devoshire.   Little does society know that James was her first love eight years ago and he left and never looked back, until it was time to come back from Canada and claim the title.  Upon seeing each other again, the two fall into a secret love affair that they thought no one knew about.  Unfortunately, one of Linnettes friend Elizabeth happened to see them kissing...and a bit more...and it has strained their already strained friendship to the breaking point.  When Linnette tried to repair the bridges cracked from her relationship with Kathryn, Elizabeth is right there trying to dissuade Kathryn and the resulting incident is quite funny.

Now James wants nothing more than to marry Linnette and live his life with her, the life they should have had all those years ago.  Oh, but Linnettes reaction to this idea puts quite a wall around his heart and the two have quite the blow up at each other.  But after big fights comes the steaming make up and this one will definitely have you thinking about opera in a new light ;)  Can Linnette overcome her past fears of abandonment from James to finally be with the man that has held part of her heart for so long?  And will James forgive Linnettes cruel rejection and ask for her again?  Thankfully these are both answered in this 'episode' but once again, we are left with a tease for the next story, Annabelle, The American and I know I will eagerly be awaiting it!  Another fun, fresh addition to what is shaping up to be a fantastic set of novellas that feature tests to the bonds of friendship, cattiness, laughter, and the overpowering result of true love.  4 stars

The Real Duchesses of London
Kathryn, The Kitten
Episode One, Out now!   
Episode Three:  Annabelle and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad rumor
Annabelle, The American August 2011

Episode Four:  Title to be announced
Elizabeth, the Enchantress:  September 2011 (boy, I hope Ms Kent can redeem her because I do not like her to much right now!)

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Confessions of an Improper Bride by Jennifer Haymore

Wow, what a book!  This book drew me in from the prologue and did not let go!  We are introduced to twin sisters Meg and Serena Donovan as they are on a ship back home to Antigua from London after a devastating scandal involving Serena.  However, while on board something tragic happens to Meg that changes Serenas life forever and not always by her choice.  Now five years later Serena is returning to London with her younger sister Phoebe but there is a twist.  Serenas mother told the world that it was Serena who died at see, not Meg (as Serena was a bit of a wild child and not as well behaved as her mother would have liked) and the entire time her mother has been corresponding with Megs love from their first trip to London.  Posing as Meg, Serena is set to wed William Langley.

Serena reluctantly agrees to this plan as she has three younger sisters who need to be brought into Society and make good matches as the family has no money.  But she has very deep reservations and Serena does not want to see the man that caused her horrible scandal and shattered heart, Jonathan Dane.  And who just happens to be Langleys best friend?

When Jonathan sees "Meg" for the first time he is floored to be feeling attraction to her.  After all, she is his lost loves sister but the more he thinks about it, the more he starts to notice little differences between the supposed Meg and what Meg truly was like but just can not believe that Serena would be posing as Meg.  It takes one searing kiss to confirm his thoughts and he is filled with happiness.  After he believed Serena died, Jonathan wanted to die for the way that he treated her and he lets his life spiral out of control but with the help of his friend Langley he is able to stay adrift.  But how can these young lovers move past their hurt filled past and find happiness?  And what about Langley?

Now, I wasn't too sure how this was all going to play out (I'm not a fan of possible cheating) but Jennifer Haymore did a wonderful job!  Just when I would think something would happen a certain way, there was a small twist that kept me flipping the pages to see how it would end.  There is a nice side story involving Serenas sister Phoebe that didn't play out the was I expected either.  The entire ending worked out well for all the characters but I would have liked an epilogue.  Also, I still have some reservations towards Serenas mom for inventing this plan even if it was with good intentions so I hope we maybe get to meet her in the future books.  And I really hope we get to see more of Langley in the upcoming books!  For my first Jennifer Haymore novel I was very pleased and I have added her backlist to my every growing pile of fabulous authors to get caught up on!  If you enjoy a long lost lovers tale with plenty of twist and turns but no major mystery overshadowing your story, this is a delightful book to try!  4 solid stars

I received this ebook from the publisher via

 Donovan Sisters
Confessions of an Improper Bride (A Donovan Novel)  Out July 26, 2011
Secrets of An Accidental Duchess  Out Feb 1, 2012
Book Three to be announced

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Only Mine by Susan Mallery

Dakota Hendrix knows what she wants from life and when life throws her a hurdle, she has no problem jumping that hurdle and continuing on with her hopes and dreams.  When she meets Finn Anderson, who is in Fool's Gold to stop his twin brothers from appearing on a reality show being filmed there, she agrees on a hot, no-strings-attached relationship with the knowledge that Finn will be returning to Alaska as soon as possible.  When his brothers are selected for the show, Finn sticks around to try to talk some sense into them....after all, they did leave college with only one semester left.  But when Dakotas hurdles become a reality, she and Dakota both start to question what they want from their relationship. 

This is another wonderful addition to Susan Mallerys continuing series in Fool's Gold which is a new venture for her.  We got three books last year and three this year and I know of more planned for next year.  She even has a website dedicated to the ficitonal city:  But over and above this, this is a story filled with with Mallerys trademark warmth, humor and love.  Did the storyline take a bit of a predictable plot turn?  Yes but they way to the end was full of lots of family (seriously...could I be part of that Hendrix family?), heat and laughter.  Finn has some major letting go issues as he was thrust into the parent role of his brothers when their parents died and as a result he does not want anymore responsibility...he just wants to be done when he knows for sure they are reading to be let go.  His brothers, Stephen and Sasha, add a couple secondary romances and I look forward to hopefully seeing more of both as they grow in their futures.  A few of the characters from the previous books pop up as well but not enough that if you have not tried a Susan Mallery book you should hesitate to try this one!   I look forward to the rest of this years books, Only Yours (Hqn) and Only His (Hqn) featuring the other Hendrix triplets and many more wonderful books from Susan Mallery!  4 stars

I received this ebook from the publisher via

Fools Gold series so far:
Chasing Perfect (Hqn)Almost Perfect (Hqn)Sister of the BrideFinding Perfect (Hqn)
Only Mine (Hqn)Only Yours (Hqn)Only His (Hqn)

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The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton by Miranda Neville

I wanted to read this book because the back cover summary made it sound very interesting and fun and I think it did a good job living up to the 'lessons' described!  Our story starts with Celia Seaton being held at gunpoint and being told to remove her clothes so she does not escape after being kidnapped.  After her kidnapper leaves, she is able to escape her small room, clad only in her shift, and stumbles over a man who is unconscious.  Oh, but not just any, it is the man that disgraced her in front of all of society with one snide remark.  When Tarquin Compton awakens and he has no knowledge of what happened, Celia decides to tell him a few faux lies.  Even as Celia is telling "Terrance Fish" these embellishments, he knows something is not quite right but what he does know is that he and Celia need to get away from her kidnapper. 

This begins my favorite part of the book.  The two of them are walking through the countryside surviving on little to nothing for food and are stripped to their raw emotions.  This is quite a departure for Tarquin who is the leader among Londons society for appearances and it does not take long for Celia to fall in love with him in this setting.  And as Celia has told Tarquin that they are engaged, he can not help but appreciate and admire this feisty woman.  They encounter a few humorous bumps in the road and eventually share a passionate moment together.  Of course, Tarquin does this under the assumption they are engaged to be married but not long after, Tarquins memories return and he is not happy when they do!

Celia knew it was a mistake to lie to Tarquin, but she was so hurt by his actions from the past she thought them justified.  She also knew it was a mistake to make love to him but does not believe they must marry, especially as it was her who deceived him.  The two finally stumble onto some land and Tarquin realizes it his his land and after cleaning up the two head to his friend, Sebastians house as it is not proper for a woman alone to stay at Tarquins home.  This part of the book was also a delight!  After reading The Dangerous Viscount (Avon) it was wonderful to return and see the birth of Sebastian and Dianas baby....and all the agitation that plagued Sebastian and his father-in-law was truly funny!   During this time Celia and Tarquin continue to argue as to whether they should marry or not.  Tarquin feels it is his duty to  protect her as Celia is alone and has no family but Celia does not want to settle and always be the follower of this well admired man and pitied upon from society.

As the story progresses, we slowly get small tidbits as to Celias scandalous upbringing and how that might factor into her kidnapping.  I had my own ideas as to why it happened and I was happy that I wasn't entirely correct!  There was a nice little curve ball that I was not expecting and I am hoping that the "villain" gets a story of their own!  I also liked that the back cover really sums up this book very well.  That little book that was left when Tarquin was knocked out and Celia reads adds plenty of heat and laughter!  What I really enjoyed about this book is that these two fell in love during their first ordeal together when they were just stripped to the bare essentials.  Naturally it took quite a bit for them to finally realize this but it was really worth it in the end.  I got a bit worried that the ending was going to have a Big Misunderstanding but once again, Miranda Neville threw a curve ball and wrote an ending that I absolutely loved and had me smiling the whole time I was reading it!  Wonderful story with excellent leading characters and great supporting cast!  I can not wait for more!  4 1/2 stars

I received this ebook from the publisher via

This is book 3 and I would recommend reading at least book two as characters from that book are featured quite a bit.  The characters from book 1 do not really make an appearance, just a mention (but still a good book!).
The Dangerous Viscount (Avon)
Book Two
The Wild Marquis
Book One

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The Dangerous Viscount by Miranda Neville

All it took was a glimpse of pick stockings to have the bookish, woman loather Sebastian, Viscount Iverly,  to rethink his views on women.  However, the women in question, Lady Diana Fanshawe has absolutely no interest in this shabbily dressed man with his spectacles.  After all, she is trying to make herself very proper to overcome her very unproper, odd family.  She has her sights set on Lord Blakeney, heir to a dukedom who also happens to be Sebastians cousin, and she knows she must have her childhood crush even if she will never love him.  Unfortunately,  Sebastian and his cousin have never been the best of friends and when Blakeney bets Diana that she can not get "Owl" to kiss her, she accepts.  Now Sebastian is flattered that a woman of Dianas beauty would give him the time of day and they share a passionate kiss that neither can forget.  And just when he is ready to tell Diana his feelings.....the truth of the bet comes out and he decides to extract revenge on this cold women.

Bets, bets, bets....nothing good ever comes of them.  Sebastian turns to his fellow booklover, dandy friend, Tarquin to have his assistance in starting to dress the part of a respectable gentleman.  He starts attending events that he hopes Diana will be at and flirts with all the ladies and ignores her.  This naturally, starts to aggravate Diana as to why her friend that she has had so many lovely discussions with, has all of a sudden dismissed her.  Eventually through this round and round they end up together and share a very passionate night together and just when Diana is just glowing with happiness, Sebastian shatters her and tells her why he did what he did.  It takes quite a bit of time to heal both of their wounds and end up with their happily ever after.

I very much enjoyed this book.  After reading The Wild Marquis and seeing Sebastian in that book I wasn't really sure if I could grow to like that man but Miranda Neville did a wonderful job transforming him from skittish, virgin scholar to a wonderful, deeply caring man.  Diana really annoyed me with her desire to be fit in away from her odd family.  She seemed a bit immature at times, especially for being a widow, but I grew to like her by the end of the book.  I really enjoyed Dianas family and as I have already started the third book, The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton (Burgundy Club) I am so happy to see them reappear!  I hope we get to see more of them in the future as well!  Once again, Ms Neville has written a warm, funny, sexy story that should appear to many romance lovers who enjoy a romance book that basically just focuses on the romance of the main couple.  I am looking forward to a wonderful future of books from Miranda Neville!  4 stars

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Reveiws featured again!

This Perfect KissWow!  I have *two* mentions of my reviews on authors blogs and Amazon!  I love seeing that authors have taken time to read what I wrote and found something they liked enough to highlight!!  Thanks so much :)

The first is for Melody Thomas' new book, This Perfect Kiss.  Here is the link to her website with the mention:

Kathryn, The KittenAnd the second one I saw on Amazon for Lavinia Kents newest e novella, Kathryn, The Kitten.  The mention under Editorial Reviews is the review I wrote. 

That is really exciting to me~ it just made me smile really big and do a small happy dance.  Hopefully I can just keep on doing what I doing and improve as I go!