Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Still here....

I'm still around! I started working from home a year ago and it has turned my life a bit upside down. It seems easy to work 7 hours from home with your kids....but its hard....you have to stay up late and that takes away from my "me" time for reading and blogging and such! Hopefully I will try to get back to my reviews and chatting with my other bookfriends!
I have one note to add quickly before I go back to work: I have rediscovered historical romance and am in LOVE with them! Of course...that has added a large amount of books I have to read now but sigh, oh well, lol! I also have an ereader now that I am slowly getting to use. Looking forward to using it more in the future as I hope to purchase just ebooks but I have all these darn paperbacks that I bought that I need to read :)
Hopefully posting a new review soon!!

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