Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella

This is another delightful, lighthearted novel with a hilarious spin on it from Sophie Kinsella. We meet Lara, who is a bit idealistic and ditzy (as most of Kinsellas heroines tend to be), at the funeral for her Great Aunt Sadie (age 105). During the ceremony, Lara hears a voice and finally actually sees Sadie and stops the funeral as Sadie needs her beautiful dragonfly necklace to have peace in the afterlife (I guess you could say). I know this sounds far fetched and odd, but somehow it really works. Lara and Sadie balance each other very well and have funny chats and it all just makes Lara look a bit more odd (you know, she looks as if she is talking to herself all the time) and therefore, enduring. As they start forth on their journey to find the missing necklace, they have plenty of bumps along the way (business partner takes off, getting over ex-boyfriends) and sparring matches (Sadie can yell into peoples ear, like an "inner voice" and basically make them say whatever she wants them too) which lead to quite a few embarrassing, funny and disastrous moments all on the path to discovery and true love.

I would rate this story a solid four stars and it is something I would definitely reread someday in the future. It is a wonderful story about family, friends, loyalty, and values. If this is your first novel by Kinsella, I would please give her a try. I do not think you will be disappointed...of course, I love all her books....but this one is a great stand alone.

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