Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Treacherous Temptations by Victoria Vane

Lord Hadley Blanchard should be an earl and have all the trappings and wealth that affords him but due to his fathers shocking death, he has been stripped of that right and it is his goal to get it back. He knows his father had nothing to do with the South Sea scandal that resulted in the loss of so much money and believes he was used a cover for the real villain behind the loss.  Now, with years of spy work under his belt, he is finally ready to confront the man he knows is the real culprit and is met with a up for the title.  Having no money, Hadley sets about to find some and the wealthy Miss Mary Elizabeth Edwardes happens into his life. Drawn to her before he knows her true identity, he sees it as the answer to his dilemma but finds resistance in his step mother, the woman who has taken Mary under her wing and has her own plans for Mary.  As the feelings grow between Hadley and Mary, Hadley must decide if he tells her the whole truth about his past and future plans or if he just tells her bits and pieces and hopes Mary does not find out the rest. . .

Victoria Vane has such a way with words that she just immerses you in the Georgian time period and makes you feel like you are right there.  The attention to detail, both large and small, is wonderful and exactly what I have come to expect from her writing.  I will admit, I had a hard time warming up to the scoundrel Hadley, but in the end I did feel like his feelings for Mary were genuine and will last.  His journey to redemption is slow and just a bit wicked but that fit with his character.  Mary also grew as the story unfolded from a country girl to a strong, smart woman.  The way she deals with Hadley was well done and I am glad that she did not just bend to his every wish.  The side characters, from Hadley's step mother to Mary's guardian, add a nice layer of wickedness and evilness but their ending seemed a little easy for me.  Overall, another strong writing effort from the talents of Victoria Vane filled with rich, lush detail, wickedness, action, love and trust.  4 stars

Review copy provided by publisher, also purchased

Monday, January 28, 2013

New Covers

Quite a few really lovely covers found out and about this past week. It's long! :)

I am so excited that Maggie Robinson's new series is going to be a mass market paperback release (her previous books are all trade which equals higher prices).  I have really enjoyed her work so I am looking forward to the start of the Ladies Unlaced, In the Arms of the Heiress out July 2nd.  The house in the background reminds me a bit of Downton Abbey :)

Oh, pretty!  The Secret Life of Lady Julia will be out May 28th.  Love the blue and the flower and the little attention to detail on her dress.  I will definitely be reading this one.

I really like gold on the cover and with the addition of the purple sky in the background..lovely.  Love and Other Scandals is the start of a new series or a stand alone, not sure yet.  Look for it July 30th.

And now for a stretch of really lovely green covers!  I have yet to read anything by Adrienne Basso so maybe I will change that with How to Be a Scottish Mistress, which is set for release July 2nd.

Nicola Cornick is also an author I have been meaning to read and collecting all her books.  The Lady and the Laird is the start to her new Scottish Brides series so hopefully I get a chance to read it.  Look for it July 30th.

Yay!!  A new Julie Anne Long!  And the cover!  Love.  I love that she is looking right at you and her dress is gorgeous.  It Happened One Midnight is book eight in her Pennroyal Green series and one I can't wait for its  June 25th release!

Juliana Gray was added to my auto buy list this past year and How to Tame Your Duke is the start of a new series, set for release June 4th.  Added to my list to buy!

How to Lose a Bride in One Night (what a fun title!) is book three in the Forgotten Princesses series by Sophie Jordan.  This cover reminds me a bit of Cinderella fleeing the ball so it will be interesting to see if something like that happens in the book which will be out July 30th.

This is such a fun and flirty cover for the newest Cynster novel by Stephanie Laurens.  I also love the attention to the background detail.  The Taming of Ryder Cavanaugh reaches shelves June 25th.

Isn't this an eye-catching cover?  The lighter colors really work well together.  My Notorious Gentleman is book six in the Inferno Club series and should arrive July 30th.

And finally here is the lush cover for the newest from Karen Ranney, The Devil of Clan Sinclair.  I love when they include stepbacks and the gold is very striking.  Look for this title July 30th.

 Whew!  What a great batch of covers!  Which titles are you most looking forward too?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Dark Lady by Máire Claremont

I have been eagerly anticipating Máire Claremont's debut as it sounded lush and unique and I am pleased to say she delivered! This haunting tale of love lost and then slowly found again was a pleasure to get lost in. Lady Eva Carin suffered the greatest loss a mother can bear and while she was in the depths of her despair, her brother-in-law deems her insane and locks her in an asylum where her soul is drowned in laudanum and everything is dark, depressing and horrifying.  Lord Ian Blake knows it is his duty to find Eva and bring her back to herself, after all, he is the one that watched her husband die, his best friend.  Ian and Eva have been drawn to each other since children and when he arrives for her in the madhouse, Eva can hardly believe it.  A daring escape is just the start of the new troubles that will follow Eva and Ian.  Eva needs to recover, not just from her addiction to laudanum, but also to prove she is clear of mind to finally be free and she opens her heart to Ian.  However, Ian has seen to many horrors to believe he can be good for her and struggles to deny his feelings and hope for a bright, new future together. Somehow this couple must push through the past and grasp what is waiting for them without losing each other in the process. . .

Such a hauntingly, wonderful, tear inducing story!  I was unsure how Eva was going to recover from her trauma enough to find love but her past with Ian is a strong foundation that could not be shaken and survived even through the darkest of hours.  This story will grab you right from the beginning and it just keeps going with wonderful twists and drama.  I would have liked to have seen a bit more in Eva's recovery...I felt it happened just a little bit too easily for what she must have endured.  But, then again, her love and trust in Ian was strong enough to keep her going.  There are a few loose threads that I would have liked to have been resolved but I am guessing that they continue into the next story so I am very anxious for that  I usually say a book could be shorter, but this one could have been a bit longer and I would not have complained!  The writing was lovely and lush and I liked watching Ian overcome his grief of his past through the flashbacks.  Eva and Ian endured so much separately that you just knew that together they would be whole.  Eva is a stong woman with a determination that really shined.  I thought I had guessed the ending (well I was hoping anyways) and I loved the little twist as it had my heart racing to keep reading!  If you are looking for something different away from the glitz of the ton, The Dark Lady is the romance for you as it delivers angst, depression, betrayal, and action as it leads up to a true love so strong, nothing will hold it back.  Well done Ms Claremont.  Well done.  4 1/2 stars

(This was not a review copy.  Amazon shipped it two weeks early, yay!)

Mad Passions
Seems like they will be best in order...
The Lady in Red Oct 1st (sob!)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Chieftain by Margaret Mallory

Prologue - Dunscaith Castle, Isle of Skye, Scotland 1496....

Conner and his mother, Catriona, are very close. He watches one night as she circles the fire chanting and cursing his father, Donald Gallach Chieftain of the MacDonalds, for betraying her. A friend, Anna, comes upon the scene and begs her to take the curse back. Catriona swears her husband will pay when she leaves him for another man. She leaves her children with Anna to look after them as the children always stay with the father, the Laird. She sneaks out one night never to return alive. One day a galley returns with her drowned body, Donald turns his wrath on his son and speaks for him to never be in his sight again. Conner and his sister Moira grow up with Anna's  children Duncan and Ilysa. 

1516 - 20 years later....

Conner is now Chieftain of the MacDonalds. His father and step brother are dead. Duncan has married Moira. Conner asks Duncan to stay at Dunscaith while he travels to Trotternish Castle to hold his lands firmly out of the hands of the MacLeods. Ilysa, who has the sight, goes with him to help run the household. The clan's future depends on Conner wedding the right lass and he plans on looking into several clans to find the best alliance. On the way out, they stop by the old seer, Tearlag. She tells him that his lass will pick him and to look to the fairies.

It seems nothing but treachery lies in wait for him at Trotternish Castle. Ilysa keeps seeing visions but can't understand them. Lachlan is sent in to gain the trust but kill Conner. She keeps seeing good in Lachlan but also sees a darkness that she begs him to let go of so the good can come through. Each day brings Lachlan closer to putting his allegiance with Conner and pulling back from what he was sent to do. Ilysa has been in love with Conner forever and he just can't seem to see past his nose. She continues to speak to him of her visions but he refuses to listen so she locks him up for several days to prevent him going to his death. He is furious with her when she releases him and speaks of sending her away. He later changes his mind but finds her gone and he feels the loss. They meet again at a gathering where Conner has gone to make plans for a marriage alliance. She has changed from the drab clothing and into beautiful gowns and he's amazed at her transformation. He falls hard but keeps talking himself out of it. The gathering is where Alastair Macleod comes into play. He finds Ilysa alone outside and makes a discover about her that he keeps to himself but watches over her none the less to Conner's dismay. 

There are several attacks that happen, one that severely wounds Conner, and they are all coming from information from someone within his own walls. As he lay wounded in the woods, he dreams of a fairy dancing around a fire chanting only to awake the next morning with the strength to make it home. Conner and Ilysa are drawn to each other so deeply that they let their hearts take over and this only brings heartache to both when his intended arrives. Before the final confrontation between the MacDonalds and the MacLeods, he follows her to the fairy glen and watches as she dances and realizes that it was she he saw the night of his wounding. He then watches as she meets with Alasdair who has walked into the light of the fire. He refuses to ask out right what happened and jumps to conclusions that it is she who is betraying the clan. The final confrontation is smack full of sit on the edge of your seat suspense as Ilysa brings the MacDonald and the MacLeod together in a small kirk for a truce that neither find they can ignore because of their love for her.

My heart felt warmth as I read the epilogue. I enjoyed watching their love come to fruition and talk about HOT!! I loved the mystical parts of this story. Tearlag and Ilysa and their sight, the fairy glens and the chants..... the ghostly sightings and the legends surrounding them all call to my heart. Scotland is full of lore and Margaret Mallory does an excellent job of bringing it to life. She left me aching to walk the fairy glens, graveyards, and hills with standing stones.

5 Stars!

* Reviewed by Leah Weller*
Review copy provided by publisher

Return of the Highlanders series
The Guardian (Return of the Highlanders #1)The Sinner (Return of the Highlanders #2)The Warrior (Return of the Highlanders, #3)

Thursday, January 17, 2013

When She Was Wicked by Anne Barton

Miss Annabelle Honeycote has had to turn to a very unsavory way to get money to pay her mothers growing medical bills-extortion from some of her clients.  As many of the woman who are getting new dresses pay her no mind, they openly talk about some of scandalous stories about the ton.  So while it pains her to do it, Annabelle uses these secrets to her advantage to get some money (never exorbitant amounts!) to help take care of her mother and sister.  Unfortunately, her latest target, Owen, the Duke of Huntford, refuses to just hand over some blackmail money and sets out to trap her instead.  He will not tolerate any secret of his beloved sisters to be put out in society but he is very intrigued by the bespectacled woman he catches.  He decides the best way to keep an eye on Annabelle is to have her make new wardrobes for his sisters while staying at his home.  As much as it pains Annabelle to leave her sister and mother, she has to agree and quickly strikes up a wonderful friendship with Owen's two sisters...and finds herself desperately attracted to a man far, far above her station.  How will Owen and Annabelle find a way to be together, while Annabelle holds her shameful secret from his sisters and the full truth of it from Owen?  Can Owen forgive her when her secret keeping almost hurts his sister?

I thoroughly enjoyed this lovely debut!  I love stories with dressmaker heroines as they fall for someone above their current lot in life and also the attention to detail about dress construction.  So much work and time for one garment-and all by hand!  Annabelle is determined to do what she can to help her ailing mother, who seems to be fading away and while it pains her to turn to blackmail, it works to help pay for the medicines needed.  She is proud, clever, feisty, strong and loyal and I loved watching her fall for Owen.  I wish she had explained the full extent of her blackmail schemes as it comes back in a big way but that added some nice drama to the storyline.  Owen was a delicious gentleman who takes his responsibilities to his family seriously and I loved the way he took care of Annabelle and her family...even though she tried to resist his help.  His love for his sisters was wonderful but the subplot with one of them was a bit odd (how she came to stop speaking) and dragged on a little too long for my taste.  The banter between Owen and Annabelle was lovely and the writing crisp and enjoyable.  Recommended for fans of determined, fiesty,  loyal heroines who work for a living and fall for someone above her class, a hero who is protective, sexy and also determined mixed with lovely attention to details and fun banter and sizzling tension.  I know I will be picking up more from Anne Barton! 4 stars

eARC provided by Grand Central Publishing, Forever, by

Honeycote series
Once She Was Tempted
(Daphne's story, Annabelle's sister)
Release date to be announced

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Covers

Some new covers noticed lately. . .

Jennifer Haymore is starting a new series, House of Trent, with the June 25th release of The Duchess Hunt.  I like the simplicity of this cover with the title on the bold color stripe... something a bit different.  Looking forward to this one!

Julia Quinn shared the cover for the print version of all the Bridgertons epilogues plus a new one!  I have yet to read more than book one in this series (I know! I know!  Fixing that soon!) but I know a lot of fans are very excited for this one.  It looks to be a trade paperback though so thats a bit of a bummer..won't match the other books but the cover is just lovely.  Look for The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After April 2nd.

Eloisa James continues with her fairy tale series, which work as stand alones, with a Rapunzel like tale, Once Upon a Tower.  Very excited for this one and I really love this cover!  The allusion to Rapunzel is perfect.  This one will be out May 28th.

**And over at Heroes and Heartbreakers Facebook page you can help choose the cover for Kieran Kramer's upcoming book, Say Yes to the Duke!  Three different poses done by the amazing Jon Paul Studios are available to choose from.  Head on over, voting is open until the 17th!  Such a neat, fun idea and I hope to see more like it!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Misbehaving Marquess by Leigh LaValle

Catherine Raybourne, Marchioness of Foster, tried to help a friend two weeks after her wedding to Jamie and in the process, got caught in what looked to be a comprising position and it sent Jamie away for five long years.  Jamie refused to look a fool just weeks after his marriage and thought it best to leave than bear the gossip but has decided to return home and try again with Cat, to have an heir.  But after Jamie left after their horrible fight and with no word from him during his five year absence, Cat is not ready to let Jamie back into her heart as it is quite broken and hurt.  Jamie and Cat try to find a way to talk and move forward but sometimes it is hard to let go of the past.  Will they be able to focus on their happier moments and find the love that is still burning between them?

This was an absolute delight of a novella featuring a side character from Leigh LaValle's debut novel, The Runaway Countess (but can easily be read as a stand alone).  It had just the right amount of emotion, turmoil, action and heat to make this a must read for historical romance fans.  The writing is lovely and watching Cat and Jamie find a resolution to their problem was handled well and not overdrawn.  You could really feel for Cat and all her fears for being left high and dry again, especially as she reveals a painful secret, and at the same time you really feel for Jamie and his reluctance to be made to look a fool again.  Tender moments are wrapped together with a little dash of heat and I really enjoyed watching this couple find their way back to each other as you could just see their strong love for each other.  So even though this is only a novella, the story was well developed and thought out and I really enjoyed it.  Yes, I did think it odd that Jamie would just take off and leave for five years with no word at all, but it just worked for me in this setting.  An engaging, romantic tale of forgiveness and love.  4 stars

Naughty in Nottinghamshire
Novella works as a stand alone
The Runaway CountessThe Rogue Returns (Naughty in Nottinghamshire)
                               Coming in 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover by Sarah MacLean

Lady Phillipa Marbury is to be married in fifteen short days and with her inquisitive, scientific mind she wonders about some of the logistics of the marriage bed.  Doing her research, she determines that Cross, one of the owners of London's most notorious gaming hells, is the perfect person to help her with her questions.  To help with her ruination.  Unfortunately, Cross finds this a horrible idea and tries to usher her out before anyone sees her (she is, after all, sister-in-law to one of his partners) but Pippa has questions that require answering and is not easily deterred and she makes Cross feel, feel more than he has in seven years...ever since his brother died and his life got turned upside down in an instant.  He has regret and determination to avoid the past but that past has come back and now he is determined to change it.  And to change it he must keep Pippa away, keep these feelings buried.  The attraction burns as do the promises of what is to be discovered together.  Can Pippa discover that the heart is more than just an organ and will Cross let his wall down?

 Oh Sarah MacLean.  I adore your books.  Just adore them and I adored this couple you created.  Pippa is bespectacled, odd...more interested in scientific experiments than the latest fashions and her frank nature appeals to Cross very much.  Cross has tried to bury his past, so much so that Pippa does not even know his true identity, and it has shaped him into the man he is today...a man who thinks he does not deserve happiness.  The pull and tug between this couple was such a treat to read and their conversations charmed me to no end.  I really enjoyed how this book focused mostly on Pippa and Cross but their is an underlining tension brought by Cross' past that added quite a flair at the end that I really enjoyed.  It really was a perfect ending for this story (though I did want to smack Cross at the end for a bit until he finally came to his senses).  One Good Earl Deserves a Lover is a sensual, heart breaking romance that is also fun, smart and sexy.  I loved it and can not wait for Temple's story now.  5 stars

eARC provided by Avon via edelweiss

The Rules of Scoundrels
Could be read as stand alones, best enjoyed in order because they are wonderful!
A Rogue by Any Other Name (The Rules of Scoundrels, #1)
No Good Duke Goes Unpunished  August 27th

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Reluctant Countess by Wendy Vella

The Reluctant Countess is such a perfect name for this story! Sophie became the Countess of Monmouth under a bit of a scandalous way. . . just before the death of the Earl, so when she suddenly shows up in society, with a child, people are suspicious and no one more so than Patrick, Earl of Coutler (and naturally, Myles, the man who thought he would inherit the earldom).  He is determined to find out the truth behind the ice beauty and how she came to be so high up in station.  Little does he know how he will fall hard for Sophie and need to have her in his life permanently.

I really enjoyed watching Sophie and Patrick fall for each other.  Her secret is revealed at a time that I really appreciated (not dragged out for the whole story) and it helps move their relationship forward with no pretenses and that was such a nice change of pace!  Patrick is determined and bold, looking for the love and laughter he was denied as the only child of his parents, molded to be the earl only.  Sophie projects herself as cold and aloof when underneath she is strong, caring and willing to do whatever it takes to protect what is hers.  There is a strong sense of family, honor and protection and it adds some wonderful secondary characters that you grow to love as well.  I also liked how the story really just focused on their growing romance but the action came at a time when it was needed to move the story along without overshadowing a wonderful romance.  Patrick is a bit heavy with his pet names, 'my sweet' 'sweetheart' etc, which is just a pet peeve of mine and Sophie also could have been a bit more expressive beyond 'oooh' but it did not detract from the story much for me.  There is also a secondary romance between Sophie's best friend and Patrick's best friend that I wished was almost its own story because I felt like their was so much more to tell about that couple.  Hopefully it will be.  Overall, a grand debut filled with a lovely romance that has the right balance of heat and heart with just a dash of action to keep it interesting.  4 stars

eARC provided by LoveSwept (Random House) via netgalley

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Covers

Some new covers that I found recently. . .

Karen Hawkins shared her upcoming covers this past week.  How to Pursue a Princess (love that title!) is book two in her Duchess Diaries series and will be out May 21st.  Love the pretty background colors.

And before that she has a novella coming out!  Princess in Disguise, which has my attention based on the title alone, will be out February 25th.  I am so glad that the publishers are taking the time to make nice covers even for their novellas.  This one is nice and sexy and I love the staircase.

What the Duke Desires kicks off a new series for Sabrina Jeffries!  I got behind on her last series but I really enjoyed what I read so I'm looking forward to this one.  I love seeing corsets on covers :)  Look for this June 18th.

A new Tessa Dare cover!  A new Tessa Dare cover!  Love it!  So, so excited for Any Duchess Will Do :)  It's purplish-pink and pretty and lovely and I love the little sparkle on the bottom of her dress.  And I love that there is a step back!!  So sad to see hardly any books with these anymore!  Sob, why can't it be May 28th yet?

I saw this one up on Goodreads.  Love it!  Her dress is such a pretty color and I love that she is blowing a kiss.  A new Julia Quinn is always a treat so The Sum of All Kisses will be picked up on June 25th.

A Little Night Mischief looks to a a debut set for release June 4th.  It's a kind of nice to see the male wearing a shirt for a change and I love the background detail.  This features a heroine determined to keep her estate after it is gambled away by disguising herself as a ghost...which the hero does not fall for.  I will be keeping my eye out on this one.

Ooh, pretty pretty!  And Then Comes Marriage is book two in Celeste Bradley's new series, starting at the end of this month.  I have yet to read anything by her but heard good things about the first book so I am going to give her a try and hopefully be picking up this one July 30th.

Well, there you go!  Lots of great covers again.  Any new titles caught your eye?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Last Chance Christmas by Hope Ramsay

Lark Chaikin has come to the town of Last Chance shortly before Christmas at the deathbed request of her father, Abe Chaikin, to spread his ashes on the eighteenth hole of the Golfing for God mini golf course.  Lark was not able to find out why he wanted that spot as his last resting place but she was determined to carry out his request.  Lark is a Pulitzer prize-winning photographer famous for her photographs of war.  She recently witnessed the shooting death of her partner while they were filming in a war zone.  Although she had witnessed a lot of violence, this had taken its toll on her and she isn't sure she can take photographs again.

Last Chance Police Chief, Stone Rhodes, is a widower with two daughters and a man still mourning the death of his wife killed by a drunk driver.  A good man and father, he has just not been able to let his wife go.

Thinking she could just walk up and spread her father's ashes on what appeared to be an abandoned golf course, Lark is confronted by Chief Rhodes and told in no uncertain terms that her father was not liked when he was there in 1968 as he encouraged a young black woman, Nita Wills, to have breakfast with him at the Kountry Kitchen cafe.  She was the first black person to do so.  The town viewed Abe as a trouble maker.  

We encounter lots of wonderful southern characters in this small town where everyone knows everyone else's business and gossip spreads like wildfire.  So, sit back and read the action as Lark and Stone are drawn to one another; murder is committed; young love is discovered; angels find their way to Heaven; and Christmas takes over the town bringing happiness and joy.

This was my first time reading Hope Ramsey's "Last Chance" book series so I admit I didn't know what to expect when I first started reading "Last Chance Christmas."  But it turned out to be like discovering a new and tasty flavor of popcorn.  Yummy!  A truly delightful novel and a must read.  Four stars

Review copy provided by publisher, thanks!

**Reviewed by Connie**

Last Chance series
Welcome to Last Chance (Last Chance, #1)Home At Last ChanceLast Chance Beauty QueenLast Chance Bride

Thursday, January 3, 2013

His Contract Bride by Rose Gordon

Regina Harris falls in love with Edward Banks at first glance and when a year later, he asks her father for her hand in marriage, she is elated as he obviously felt the connection the few moments they were together.  She goes into her marriage with a full heart and a strong desire to please Edward and help him in any way she can and if thats helping with with his scientific findings, that is what she will do.  Her world comes crashing down when she learns the truth of their marriage--it was an arrangement, Edward does not love her.  Edward waits for Regina to blow up at him and he feels he deserves it for not telling her the truth right away, but Regina just gets quiet and puts up a wall.  She strives to due all her wifely duties but it becomes apparent that their entire relationship has changed and it is up to Edward to fix it.  What follows is a discovery not only for Edward but for Regina as well and watching this couple brought together by a contract fall in love with each other is a delight to read!

I just adored Edward!  I always love a scientific nerd and he is a good one but I admired him for trying to fix his mistake with Regina and all the ways he goes about doing so.  He really tries to maker Regina happy for herself and only herself as her father and brother certainly never cared.  All her father wants from her is a better place in society as he has no title and now that Regina has one, he expects too much from her.  Regina just cowers to him in the beginning but with Edwards help, she finally is able to stand up for herself and I was there cheering her on!  Regina has no problem speaking her mind to Edward so it was a relief to see her find the courage to stand up to her father.  I usually do not like stories built on a misunderstanding but this one was very well done and the secret was laid out fairly early on so it became a story of redemption instead.  What was also unique about this novel is that Edward was not a rake and no intention of being one, I feel it is always nice to read a story without the rake sometimes, without someone so skilled in the bedroom.  It was also nice to not have an underlining mystery, it is really just about Regina and Edward and family relationships.   A lovely story of young love, redemption, discovery with humor and smarts.  4 stars

Banks Brothers Brides
His Yankee BrideHis Jilted Bride (Banks Brothers Bride, #3)His Brother's Bride (Banks Brothers Bride, #4)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thoughts for 2013. . .

It's hard to believe we have flipped over to a whole new year!  I'm looking forward to putting 2012 behind me and seeing what 2013 brings!  My 2012 ended on a rough note for me with losing my job right before the holidays but then I was blown away by the generosity of  someone I know online only and I can't wait to be back on my feet and find a way to pay it forward.  So that really helped brighten my mood and I am determined to keep it :)

My biggest goal for this year is to read some of the books I already own and not concentrate so much on review books.  I hope to only do around 4-6 review books a month and dedicate the rest to reading my huge pile of books I own, either paperback or ebook.  I probably have 200ish that I own and really want to read right now...eek!  So my blog may seem a bit quieter than before but I will still be here :)

So what books am I most looking forward to?  Here are a few:

One Good Earl Deserves a Lover (The Rules of Scoundrels, #2)

I'm sure you all know how much I adore Sarah MacLean so it should come at now surprise that this is at the top of my list :)

Lord of Darkness (Maiden Lane, #5)

Loving this series and I eagerly await each new Elizabeth Hoyt! If you have not yet read this series, you must start in order!

Any Duchess Will Do (Spindle Cove #4)

No cover yet but I fell in love with Tessa Dare last year and I am so impatient for this one! I look forward to reading her backlist this year.

The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie (Highland Pleasures, #6)

The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie. Daniel's story. Finally. Can't wait.  It is going to be a long wait until October.

The Dark Lady (Mad Passions, #1)

This one has caught my eye for something different.  The blurb has really intrigued me, so much so, I pre ordered it.  Buzz has been good so far surrounding it as well.  Love the cover :)

Well, thats my top 5 for now!  I have plenty more I am excited about so here is to a great reading year in 2013!  What are some of your top reads for the new year?