Friday, July 31, 2009

How To Knit A Wild Bikini by Christie Ridgway

From The beachside knitting shop Malibu & Ewe is the perfect place for L.A.’s hip young crowd to enjoy colorful yarn and intimate conversation. For personal chef Nikki Carmichael, it could be the softest place to land if her new job falls through. Working for magazine writer Jay Buchanan has come with some strange conditions—like pretending to be his girlfriend. As for Jay, he finds himself drawn to the kitchen, where he’s intrigued by his sexy cook’s ability to withstand the heat between them. And now he thinks it’s time to turn up the flames.
This is the first book I have read by Christie Ridgway and I enjoyed it. This is the first book in series of books centering around the yarn shop Malibu & Ewe. I give this book three stars because I felt like there were to many subplots that were not processed through enough....they seemed a bit rushed and squeezed in. The reason Jay needs Nikki to pretend to be his girlfriend is to throw off his neighbor, Shanna and then she all of a sudden falls in love with the gardener. Which is fine, I just felt there was more to tell. . . The author also sets up the connecting storyline for all three stories, they are "sisters" from the same sperm donor. Not sure how I feel about that, seems a bit odd for a storyline but we will see.
Overall, this was a good first read for me and I am looking forward to reading the next two novels, Unravel Me and Dirty Sexy Knitting. Be warned though, if you are reading this for the knitting aspect, that really is not a main focus at all! It is not like Debbie Macombers knitting series, this is more they just hang out at the shop for a bit and cast a few rows. This book has some quick humor and a darker undertone that you do not expect in a funny romance. Hopefully the next two will be a touch better.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

What to read, what to read??

So, my poor little nightstand is just loaded down with books. I have so many good ones that I want to read, I just don't know where to go next! I have a mix from the library and an assortment from that I want to get read and sent out so I get my credit back. So many little time :)

Here's what I have from the library: Bending the Rules, How to Score, Twenties Girl: A Novel, Midnight Sons Volume II: Daddy's Little Helper\Because of the Baby, Unravel Me, and Talk Me Down. And if that isn't enough from the library, I decided to check out Naked in Death because I love Nora Roberts but have held off for almost ten years on reading this series. Why, I don't know? I enjoy James Patterson and for some reason decided to see if I will like the In Death series. I'm kind of hoping I don't because that is going to add almost 30 books to my TBR pile....sigh. :)

But that's not all I have!! Oh no! I have my pile from (PBS) that I need to read as well. They include: Straight from the Hip, Dirty Sexy Knitting, Divorced, Desperate and Delicious, Body Check, Redneck Cinderella, With a Twist, Trick My Truck But Don't Mess With My Heart, and Dark Roots and Cowboy Boots. And of course I have more coming in the mail...only two I think but still.

And then what about the new releases coming out in the next two weeks or so?? Theres 92 Pacific Boulevard, Wyoming Brides: Denim and Diamonds\The Wyoming Kid and Loves Me, Loves Me Knot. And of course, I still have books I've purchased but not yet number one being Vision in White! I bought this book the day it came out (three months ago!) and still have not read yet! Sheesh. I think I know its going to go on my keeper shelf and that's why I keep putting it off. I will get it read before the next one (Bed of Roses) comes out in October!! I will! lol

It's not like I don't want to read these books...I do...I just don't know where to start! I mean, I love Susan Mallery and Nora Roberts but I still hold off a bit. I guess I will do one library book and then one PBS book. Thankfully, most of my library books are 28 day books and not 14 day. Thankfully I am also a SAHM and get to read a tad bit more than I would if I was working. Thankfully the boys take a nap most days so I get almost two hours to read (if I don't nap). Thankfully.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Could anyone please let me know when the whining stops? Is there a magic trick I am unaware of? Sheesh. Nothing gets to me like the constant, constant, constant whining!!! Don't get me wrong, I love my boys more than anything but....I could put them out on the curb everyday, lol! I don't remember E being as bad as his younger brother, Monkey is right now. Of course, thats probably because Monkey is learning from E....sigh. "Monkey see, monkey do" has taken on a whole new meaning to me. And it goes both ways which is extremely annoying. Monkey imitates E and then E imitates talking babyish as Monkey isn't talking super well yet. UGH. Naptime and bedtime are my it bedtime yet?

Silhouette Special Edition -- Sep09

Texas Cinderella by Victoria Pade

This was another enjoyable read in the miniseries The Foleys and The McCords. (Diamonds, power and passion...Texas style!) Tanya is the housekeepers daughter and has no plans to be swept off her feet by Prince Charming. Then Tate McCord comes home and she can't help but want to get to know the man behind the money and name. Sparks fly and this is an easy and sometimes funny read. 3 and a half stars.

A Marriage-Minded Man by Karen Templeton

For some reason I did not really want to read this book. The description just did not really appeal to me. But, since it was part of my monthly shipment, I kind of felt obligated to read it since I pay for it :P Anyways--I was pleasantly surprised that it hooked me right away and before I knew it, I was halfway through it! The story centers around Eli Garrett and Tess Montoya, high school sweethearts. They have a bad breakup and Tess marries someone else and then endures a painful divorce. They reconnect later but Eli holds off and Tess wonders why he has an aversion to dating women with children. I didn't enjoy the second half of this book as much as the first. Sort of just skimmed the last couple chapters. Two and a half stars.

A Cold Creek Homecoming by RaeAnne Thayne

For me personally, this was another I was not really looking forward to ready (I wish I could pick which books I wanted each month as they print six and send you four!). This book centers around Quinn and Tess (note to Silhouette....try not to have to stories the same month with the same name). She treated him like dirt in high school while he was in a foster home. Quinn returns home to Cold Creek to help his foster mom, who he loves dearly, pass away and Tess is one of the nurses. Story evolves naturally from that....they discover what they have been missing. It did bring tear to my eye when Quinns foster mother finally passes. Sweet book. Three stars.

The Pregnant Bride Wore White by Susan Crosby

Oh, the classic one night stand leads to a baby and the dad doesn't know story, right? Well, I was pleasantly surprised that this had a bit of a twist to that storyline. Keri and Jake share one night together and then are separated and when she finds out she is pregnant, she goes to his hometown to tell him. However, he is nowhere to be found but his family takes her in. Jake returns home just before the birth and follows the family tradition of no babies born out of wedlock. Obviously they develop feelings for each other and have a happy ending. How they get to that though, is a good story. Crosby also has Jake's two brothers featured who will each have their own story soon and I am looking forward to reading them. Enjoyable read, three and a half stars.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The MacKade Brothers: Devin and Shane by Nora Roberts

This book is number two following The MacKade Brothers: Rafe and Jared which I highly recommend you read first as this continues on with the brothers.
I really enjoyed the first story containing Devin's story. His relationship with his secret love, Cassie, is very moving. Cassie married right out of high school before Devin got a chance to tell her his feelings and she ended up in a abusive relationship. She finally gets the courage to go to Devin for help and he does, of course! He bids his time and makes his move and Cassie realizes that it has always been Devin that was there for her. Very heartwarming story with just a touch of suspense thrown in.

Then we move on to Shanes story. For me, it was just all right. Shane is the farmer of the bunch, and a ladies man. He meets his sister-in-laws friend who is there to check out the ghosts (ongoing story through all four stories). Rebecca is a brainiac, quiet and unnoticed most of her life. She meets Shane and sparks fly. I don't know what it was with this story, but I found myself just sort of skimming the end, wanting it to be over. I just didn't enjoy it as much as the others, which was a disappointment.

Overall, I give this book 3 and a half stars and for the whole MacKade storyline, 4 stars. I love how Roberts keeps bringing back the characters from the previous books so you see how their life is developing! :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pratice Makes Perfect by Julie James

From After eight years of grueling yet friendly competition, both Payton and J. D. anticipate partnership at their prestigious Chicago law firm. But after putting aside their personal animosities and working together to sign an important account, they realize each is vulnerable to, and attracted by, the other. Unfortunately, their boss then announces that only one partner will be named this year from the litigation department, and suddenly the competition is very real—and not at all friendly.

This is a fast-paced romantic comedy with sharp dialogue and hilarious situations that had me laughing out loud quite a bit! I believe I read the entire book with a smile on my face :) It was enjoyable right from the get go. I loved how Julie James experience in the law world is evident and makes you feel like you are there. I also liked the lack of sexual detail but there is plenty of sexual tension.....sometimes its nice to leave a bit to the imagination. I give this book a solid four and a half stars. I finished reading it still with that smile on my face.

This is Julie James second book following Just the Sexiest Man Alive (a winner!). She is now an auto buy for me and I can not wait until she has a new book out hopefully next year! I wish she had more out now. But--I can wait if the next one is enjoyable as her first two :)

Side note on my A to Z challenge..... taken care of P -- 19 left.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Holly's Inbox by Holly Denham

Product Description – From “System alert: Inbox full of scandal, romance, and office hilarity! Meet Holly Denham. It’s her first day as a receptionist at a London investment bank and inexperienced Holly is struggling. How’s a working girl supposed to have a love life with a demanding job, crazy friends, a dysfunctional family, and gossipy colleagues? Not to mention that Holly’s been keeping a secret from everyone – and the past is about to catch up with her. An affair with a sexy VP heats things up at the office, but when Holly’s first flame (who, she thinks, left her in the lurch) gets a job at the same company, complications abound and Holly’s inbox becomes a daily source of drama, laughter and scandal.”

Holly's Inbox was an interesting read for me as it is written entirely in email format. This gets a bit distracting though, as you need to constantly check who is writing to whom. The storyline is great and gets you hooked in, even though the middle seemed a bit sluggish. The last third of the book really got to me and the story was more interesting -- I finished the last two hundred pages or so (of 667!) in less than an hour. I give it 3 1/2 stars. Will I reread it in the future--probably not. Was it worth the time to read it -- yes! It was a nice change of pace from my normal romance books. Be sure to check of to follow Holly's 'real' emails.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update on challenge and randomness

A small update on my A to Z challenge.

H: Holly's Inbox

W: Wife for Hire (Part of a Harlequin Duet but wanted to include it in case I don't get another W)

2 more down.....20 to go!!

Do you ever feel like you have so much to read and you just don't know what to read next because you want to read them all Right Now? Thats how I seem to feel lately. I have sooo many good books I want to read that while I am reading my current book, I am thinking, Hurry up so I can get to the next! Silly it seems. I am very glad it is summertime though b/c I have read much more now than I will when fall tv starts back up.....sigh..... I love tv too. I need more hours in the day! I know I am lucky that I stay home with my boys though, because I get more snippets of reading in when they are playing together.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lucky Streak by Carly Phillips

This is the second in a trilogy of books. I have to say I enjoyed this one much more than the first book, Lucky Charm. Synopsis: Long ago, a witch proclaimed an eternal curse that every Corwin male who married for love would be destined to lose his woman and his fortune...

This story centers around one of the Corwin cousins, Mike and his new wife Amber who he met in Vegas and married on a whim. He then wakes up the next morning to find her and the $150k they one at the slots gone. Needless to say, he is not happy even though Amber has a very good reason for bolting. I really enjoyed the plot of this story more than the back cover eluded too. The back cover made it sound as if Amber and Mike would not reunite for most of the book when it fact, it was the opposite. Amber finds Mike back in Boston, apologizes, and does everything she can to make him forgive her. It was a nice change of pace that I liked and interesting to see their love blossom.
If you read Lucky Charm first (and I like to read all books in series in order), you will see the same characters appearing again and how their life has progressed. There are good supporting characters this time around also! They add weight and help keep the story interesting. Phillips also leads you into the final cousins story, Lucky Break and it sounds like another good one.
Overall, I give Lucky Streak a solid 4 stars. It was fast paced and I finished reading it in a day and ended with a smile on my face :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Black Hills by Nora Roberts

Black Hills Ahh, Nora Roberts. One of my all time favorite authors -- although, her stand alone novels are always a hit or a miss for me. This one was definitely a hit. I have come to notice that as long as I have some sort of interest in the plot (for example, this was all about wildlife rescue which I find fascinating) that the book is so much better. On to the story...

The book centers around Lil and Cooper, two people that meet as kids and drift apart for years and reconnect. I liked how the beginning of the story started out with them both as children and continued on into the teenage love. It made me appreciate their background more. They both have wonderful families, Lil with her mom, dad, and friends Farley and Tansy and Cooper with his grandparents. Cooper had a falling out with his parents and even though it is addressed I felt it could have been resolved a bit more in the present. That was a slight issue for me. Also, if you do not have any interest in wildlife refuge/rescue you may have a hard time enjoying this book as that is so much of the story. Lil has a very special relationship with a cougar and it carries through the entire book. She opens up her own wildlife refuge abode for old, injured and mistreated animals and has gone on many adventures around the world and loves her work. Cooper was a police officer and then PI so his work comes in handy to protect Lil as the killer is waiting to get Lil.
Another issue for me was that I felt the ending was a bit rushed. This book is long...472 pages as a hardcover and I just felt like I needed just one more chapter and surely they could have lost a few other pages to make that happen. SPOILER: I was extremely disappointed that the storyline around Tansy and Farley's love, engagement, and wedding planning did not include the actual wedding. So much time was dedicated to them that I wanted to have a wedding!

That being said, this book rates a solid four and a half stars. If the ending had just been a touch different I would have given it five stars.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A to Z Challenge

I saw this on a different site and thought it was a good idea to try. I will not count the words such as: the, an, a, etc at the beginning of the title. Also, for the harder letters like Q or X or V it may just be a letter in the title because those are difficult letters! It will be for July forward as I don't remember when I read most of my books already this year :)

So far:

B: Black Hills by Nora Roberts

J: Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James (excellent book, first for me by this author and I really enjoyed and am looking forward to reading more from her! four stars)

L: Lucky Charm by Carly Phillips (not to bad, not somthing I will re-read anytime soon, fluff read, three stars)

O: One Reckless Summer by Toni Blake (emotional, sexy, steamy read!! Loved it! five stars)

Thats all I can think of that I have read this month so far. 4 down, 22 to go!

First Post!

Hi there! I am just getting started on this blogging thing but I read so many blogs I thought I might try my hand at it too. It will mostly be my opinions on books I am reading. I love, love to read :) Mostly romance, with a bit of chick lit and suspense thrown in once in awhile. I will list some of my favs at a different time. Please check back soon b/c I hope to have more of this figured out!