Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Going Forward. . .

Hi All--

I just wanted to let you all know I am taking a small break from my blog here.  With both my kids in school now (why do they have so much homework already?!?) and going back to working full time, I just do not have the time to keep my blog as up to date as I have in the past.

I will still review a few books a month but only on Goodreads and Amazon.  I have found I prefer to read short and to the point reviews so that is also what you may see from me going forward, it just depends on the book and if I have a lot of gushing to do or not :)

Thank you for all your support and I hope you understand the reason I need to take a break to be with  my family more.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Enticing the Earl by Christie Kelley

This was a solid addition to Christie Kelley's new trilogy of wise women. I loved how this story centered around the earl, Simon Blakesworth, being in love with his wise woman's daughter, Mia Featherstone, since he was a young man. When he finds her badly beaten one day he gives her shelter and convinces her to marry him in order to protect her. I liked watching his attempts to tell Mia his true feelings for her and how everyone else around him knew, except Mia. However, he is concerned about his past actions will change her developing feelings for him. What he is unaware of is that Mia is holding her own secrets that could change everything.

One thing that was a bit off for me in this book were all the frank discussions between Mia and Simon, and even Mia's mother about some private matters. Other than that, the pacing was well done, the characters delightful, the heat spicy. I'm looking forward to Mia's sisters upcoming story.

Review copy provided by eKensington via netgalley

Back cover:
Only His Passion. . .

With his estate near bankruptcy, Simon Blakesworth, Earl of Hartsfield already has a perilous secret to keep. Still, when he finds Mia Featherstone badly beaten, he doesn't hesitate to shelter her in his home. . .and offer marriage to protect the lovely healer from her attacker. But Mia is concealing a danger this honorable earl never imagined--and can't resist. . .

Can Save Her Love. . .

Mia's valuable discovery on Simon's land saved her patients' lives. Now the only way she can help the man she's always loved save his home is to secretly find the rest of a cache of hidden artifacts. But their passion is making it impossible for Mia to ever walk away--even from a love that may not survive the truth. . .

Review copy provided by eKensington via netgalley

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