Saturday, September 1, 2012

Midnight Scandals by Carolyn Jewel, Courtney Milan & Sherry Thomas

One Starlight Night by Carolyn Jewel

A wonderful romance about a love thought gone!  Portia and Viscount Northwood shared a brief, passionate affair ten years ago and the ramifications are still being felt today.  It caused deep heartache for Portia and Northwood and also her brother.  But with Portia set to wed a dull man just to escape her maddening sister in law, Northwood can not let his feelings be disregarded any longer.  A wonderfully rounded romance dealing with the difficulties of a second chance romance and great supporting characters (seriously, Portia's sister in law is going to be someone who want to smack!) with a good dose of steam!  I could have used a mini epilogue though but thats just my epilogues :)  4 1/2 stars

What Happened at Midnight by Courtney Milan

This was another wonderful romance about a love thought gone as well but in a totally different vein!  Mary Chartley is forced to take a position as a lady's companion after her fathers death and subsequent revelations about his embezzlement.  To make matters worse, her fiance, John, is one of the men he stole from.  Devastated, she returns his ring and flees saying she has no idea where the money went.  When John should suddenly show up at a neighboring estate of her new position, she is sure he is there to turn her in.  But John sees how subdued Mary has become, he is determined to find out what happened once and for all.  As they find scant time together, as Mary is being 'protected' by her employer and has no time for herself, they slowly find there way back to each other and a very satisfying conclusion to the embezzlement dilemma.  Courtney Milan is one of my favorite authors and she has yet again crafted a romance that is beautiful and deep with an eye for detail that I enjoy.  I may have learned a bit more about drainage systems than I would have liked but it sets the tone for the period very well.  The home at which Mary works is the common theme amongst these novellas are connected and it is obvious the authors communicated well with each other because there are just enough details to tie them together.  4 1/2 stars

A Dance in Moonlight by Sherry Thomas

My review for this will come at a later date as I have not yet read Ravishing the Heiress and I know this novella features a secondary character from that book and I prefer to read books in order :)

For the two stories I did read, I would highly recommend this book!  (And I have no doubt the third will be just as good.)  Each author has managed to craft a complete, well written, highly enjoyable story with equal bits of romance, emotion, steam and with an attention to detail for the time period they are writing in.   I hope to see these authors collaborate together again in the future!

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