Friday, September 7, 2012

His Mistletoe Bride by Vanessa Kelly

Phoebe Linville is delighted to finally be going to England to meet her long estranged grandfather.  It caused much pain for her mother and she died without resolving the conflict from her marrying a Quaker and moving to America.  Now Phoebe has the chance to put the past behind her and find some happiness with her English relatives.  However, much to her disappointment, she is met with the news that her grandfather passed away during her voyage over and her grandfather left a very unusual request for her--marry the new earl, Major Lucas Stanton.  With her options dwindling (she thinks she should return to her Quaker roots in America with her half brothers family), Phoebe is persuaded to stay with her new English relatives and finds herself falling for the dashing new earl and succumbing to his wicked kisses.  One compromising position later, Lucas and Phoebe are forced to wed....but at what cost?  Lucas has no faith in love having been badly burned in the past and it has shaped him to the man he is today.  With the threat of a smuggling ring at their new home, Mistletoe Manor, it divides Lucas and Phoebe.  Will the holiday spirit of friends and family lead this couple to see the joys of love?

This was my first time reading Vanessa Kelly and it won't be my last!  I loved the mix of family, steam, intriguing main characters and holiday cheer.  Phoebe was a delight to read--I loved how when she was upset (and she gets upset with Lucas often for his hard headed ways) she reverts back into her Quaker plain speak.  It becomes an enduring quality to her but she is also bold, smart, loyal, sassy and loves with her whole heart.  When she learns more about the smuggling ring, she does all she can to help end it without getting anyone hurt.  Phoebe also sees how the town is struggling and takes it upon herself to revive the holiday traditions of years past and as she grew up without all these traditions, she learns them all along the way.  Lucas was a bit harder to warm up to.  A former major, he has seen the horrors of war and takes his new, unexpected, responsibilities seriously...perhaps a bit too seriously at times.  One moment he is warm and caring with Phoebe and the next, in his attempt to protect her, he comes off hard and standoffish.  With his failed relationship in the past, he thinks will never love again but Phoebe just settles herself into his heart but it takes awhile for him to finally admit that.  There are also so many wonderful secondary characters (all from previous books that I can't wait to read now) and they add some great fun banter but also some tension.  Overall, a delightful holiday read filled with heart, hope, humor, family, trust and happiness that will be sure to warm the cold winter days.  A perfect holiday treat!  4 solid stars

Review copy provided by the author, thanks so much!

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  1. I absolutely cannot WAIT to read "His Mistletoe Bride!" I have been "obsessed" with getting this book from the first time I saw a picture of the cover. Isn't it beautiful? Sigh...

    1. I can't wait to hear what you think! I'm so excited to read her previous books,esp Mastering the Marquess since that couple is in His Mistletoe Bride quite a bit! The cover is so beautiful! Just enough holiday spirit but lovely in its own right :)