Wednesday, September 26, 2012

When the Duchess Said Yes by Isabella Bradford

Lady Elizabeth Wylder is anxiously waiting to meet her betrothed, the Duke of Hawkesworth and is a bit humiliated when he fails repeatedly to show up for their appointed meetings.  Taking a few moments to herself after one such letdown, she wanders in a garden only to be approached by the most devilishly handsome man.  One shocking kiss and even more shocking proposition later, she flees to the safety of her sister and his husband, all the while berating herself for slipping up and kissing a man she doesn't even know while she is betrothed to another!  It just reenforces her reputation as the wildest sister and she makes sure to keep the scandal to herself.  But when Hawke finally shows himself for a meeting, she grows furious when she recognizes him as the man from the garden!  How dare he be out seducing other women and not spare the time to meet his finace?  However, they quickly realize that they have a fiery passion together that can not be denied and they eagerly look forward to their wedding day.  But after the passion cools, will true love last?  Or will Hawke run off and leave his dear Lizzie to deal with society by herself?

This was a very enjoyable light-hearted romance that was fun and quick to read!  Lizzie was a treat to read--bold, feisty, warm, fun, adventurous and very passionate.   Once she gets over her initial frustration with Hawke and his lack of communication for years, she opens up to him easily and lets him see all aspects of her heart.  I did have a bit of trouble warming to Hawke as he seemed to shrink his duties as duke.  Even upon meeting Lizzie and falling for her instantly, he stilled planned to leave her alone once an heir was born and return to his 'true' home in Naples.  Also, he knows he can never live up to his fathers grand shadow and frankly has no desire to try to.  I did really enjoy his appreciation for art and I loved seeing how happy it made him and how thrilled he was when he realized Lizzie shared the same appreciation.  Really the only major tension comes when Lizzie learns of Hawke's plans to leave in a most unfortunate way and the stubborn couple have a happy ending that suited them well.  It is well written and has lovely attention to fashion details, which I always enjoy.  The passion is hot and it gradually shifts to a deep love.  I liked how Hawke kept doing special little things for his new wife and each little moment lead to an adventure, proper or not for a duke and duchess.  If you are in the mood for something light that will make you smile and fan yourself, When the Duchess Said Yes is a treat indeed.  4 stars

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Wylder sisters series
Best enjoyed in order as the sisters are quite close but can be read as stand alones so far
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                                  Nov 27th


  1. I was smiling while reading this. Sure sounds to be a good one!

  2. I know this is another delicious read and if my friend Leah Weller enjoyed it, then it has to be very good!! Thank, Leah!