Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Loving Lady Marcia by Kieran Kramer

Lady Marcia has grand dreams of love at the tender age of fifteen and falls hard for a dashing scoundrel and on her sixteenth birthday, he convinces her that they will run away together.  When she awakes in the morning, alone, she is confused but that quickly turns to anger as she learns her love has been shipped off to America but his older brother, Lord Chadwick to prevent them from marrying.  Knowing she is ruined and can not be among the ton she goes to a boarding school and quickly becomes the headmistress.  Marcia finds joy in being with the girls of the school and it becomes her passion to do what she can for them so when her circumstances force a drastic change, she will do whatever it takes to get her life back in control....even if it means help from an unlikely source.

Lord Chadwick, Duncan Lattimore, takes his duties as earl seriously but also faces the shun of society for taking responsibility for his son who was born on the wrong side of the blanket.  When he sees the beautiful Marcia one day, he approaches her but is quickly rebuffed coolly, much to his surprise.  Upon returning home him, he also sees that his brother has returned back to London hopefully wiser and more grown up.  A few talks show that he is still as immature and irresponsible as ever and Duncan also gets the truth about Marcia out of him.  Determined to do the honorable thing, he sets out to woo Marcia, never imaging how hard he would fall.  Now, he must help Marcia see the truth of her heart while helping her get her old life back, even though it would send her away.  It will take a desperate act for these two stubborn people to find the happiness that is within their grasp if they just would accept it.

This is the start of Kieran Kramer's new series, The House of Brady and it was a delight!  I love stories about large families that get along and this seems to be the start of another winner!  It is obviously loosely based on the tv show with the names being similar and I even noticed a few scenes that were loosely based on beloved memories from the tv show and is sure to bring a smile to many people.  Marcia was a wonderful character to read.  I loved that she was a headmistress and loved her job (gasp! A member of the ton...working?).  She is compassionate, kind, strong and bold and a wonderful foil for the yummy Duncan.  Sigh.  He is almost too perfect.  He is beyond kind and caring for his servants and I really enjoyed that.  I admired him for his dedication to his son and also how he was able to finally resolve the situation with his scoundrel brother.  The brother, who you are a bit torn about for a bit, ends up being quite a villain but he also forces Marcia to do a drastic choice that alters her life forever.  Overall, a very sweet (on the lower end of heat level), touching, romantic story that is sure to make you smile and sigh.  I can't wait to dive back into this delightful family!  (I think that is one of only quibbles...I would have liked a bit more back story on how they came to be the blended family of Brady).  4 stars

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House of Brady series
Unsure of when the next books are coming out.  I think all six children will have a story so yay!