Monday, September 10, 2012

Lord of Temptation by Lorraine Heath

When Lady Anne Hayworth blows into a bar one night and asks for his help to sail to visit her fiance, Lord Tristan Easton rejects her offer of monetary payment and alludes to a different sort of payment.  Shocked, Anne dismisses him and tries to secure another captain only to find them all her.  Her emotions high, she confronts Captain Jack, as Tristan is know in his shipping life now, to be told her payment will be just a kiss at his time of choosing.  Thinking that she can ignore the burning attraction between them-and as she really has no other options, she agrees.  They leave in the dark of night to avoid confrontation with her father and brothers and arrive at their destination quickly...with still no payment being given.  Matters are attended to and they start the voyage back home and their flirtation continues but Anne has withdrawn back into herself and Tristan does all he can to have her back.  Having finally broken down the last barrier of grief, they find passion and happiness together.  But Tristan's heart belongs to the sea and Anne wants a life on land with her husband home to be with her and their children.  And with Tristan's rough background also factoring in, how will this couple find a way to bridge their life differences and find happiness together?

 I really enjoyed this second installment in Lorraine Heath's The Lost Lords of Pembrook!  First, I was surprised that it takes place a couple years after the first book, She Tempts the Duke.  We get to see more of Mary and Sebastian and how the three brothers still have not forged a strong relationship with themselves or society.  When Tristan was a boy, he was placed on a ship after almost being killed by his uncle and the resulting circumstances shaped him into the strong yet a bit bitter man he is today.  No woman has tempted him to give up his mistress of the sea like Anne.  Anne with her generous nature and pale, stunning looks.  She quickly captures his heart but Anne is holding on to a lot of grief due to her goodbye to her fiance.  And all the feelings she develops for Tristan just reenforce how cruel she thought she had been.  Even though this book has no major side plot, it really is just about the growing relationship between Tristan and Anne and how to overcome the love of the sea aspect, I found myself always wanting to settle back into the story and I was disappointed when it was over!  I wanted it to keep going as I was enjoying watching everything unfold so much!  This is a strong romance about a couple that has had a lot of hurt and loss in their past, coming together in a way perfectly suited for them with the help of family.  I am really looking forward to the youngest brothers story next as he seems to have quite a dark past to overcome.  Lorraine Heath is in her element with this series and I look forward to each new book she writes with anticipation!  4 stars

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The Lost Lords of Pembrook
Could be read as standalones but work much better together
She Tempts the Duke (The Lost Lords of Pembrook, #1)
 Lord of Wicked Intentions April 2013

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