Thursday, September 20, 2012

Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed by Anna Campbell

Sidonie Forsythe has agreed to help her sister pay off her gambling debts by taking her place as the woman promised to the holder of her debts, Jonas Merrick.  All that is known of the recluse is that it is sister's husbands cousin and that there is extremely bad blood between the two and it has cast a shadowed opinion of Jonas.  He was scarred on his face as a boy and also stripped off his title for being illegitimate and it has shaped him into the reserved man he is today.  He knows immediately that Sidonie is not the woman that was promised to him--after all, what better way to spite your cousin than to sleep with his wife for a week?--but he can not help but be drawn to the strong woman.  He makes it clear to Sidonie that he will not take her by force but it will be by her choice alone.  Sidonie believes she can outwit this man in the game of seduction and return home just as she left.  But her feelings quickly shift and she wonders if she can hold off on Jonas' seduction but Sidonie also has a bigger secret that she is hiding that she knows will destroy this happiness she is finding.  When the full truth comes to light, will Jonas be able to forgive and trust Sidonie again or is their fate sealed in unhappiness?

Oh my goodness...what a book!  I have been waiting patiently *ahem* for a new book from Anna Campbell and Seven Nights in a Rogue's Bed did not disappoint!  I was a bit nervous about Sidonies secret and how that was all going to play out as it is not a favorite storyline of mine, but it worked so wonderfully with this couple!  I adored watching the attraction simmer bright from Jonas and Sidonies first meeting and then the feelings slowly grow as the week went on.  Jonas has quite a wall around his emotions and just as Sidonie would break a piece down, it would shift right back into place until it finally all comes crashing down.  Sidonie did take a bit of time for be to warm up to with her secret keeping and her refusal to marry based on her sister and mothers lousy marriages.  Again, not my favorite troupes but it worked for this story.  Jonas...sigh...I loved him.  He is stern and gruff on the outside but underneath he is generous, clever and affectionate and Sidonie brings that back for him.  When she betrays his trust again, he refuses to let her back in and goes back into his lonely shell but she persists and the ending is definitely a tear jerker.  Overall, a delicious treat that was worth the wait!  This is a romance filled with love, passion, tenderness, forgiveness and trust all mixed together in a way that will make you forget about the real world and have you cheering for Jonas and Sidonie to find the happiness they so deserve together!  And we get just a glimpse of the other two men that will have stories and I know I am back to anxiously awaiting them!  4 1/2 stars

Quote that stuck with me (subject to change in final version):
"Forget what you look like.  The total of what you are is so much greater than what you see reflected in all these mirrors."

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Sons of Sins series
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  1. What a fabulous review and a "tasty" teaser! I just have to get this novel to read for myself about how the love between Sidonie and Jonas grows. I love a wonderfully complex character in a novel and I'm betting that this book will "fit the bill." Anna Campbell is an amazingly gifted author and I love her novels. Thanks for sharing this intriguing review!

    1. Thanks Connie! This will certainly fit the bill for some complex characters! I just love Anna's books as well so I am eager for my keeper copy to arrive on Tuesday so I can reread this one :)