Friday, April 13, 2012

Quick recap

So I read quite a few books lately but don't feel like writing up full reviews but I thought I would just share a few thoughts about them instead :)

First up, I thought Julie James' About That Night was an awesome, sexy, fun book!  If you have not read anything by Julie James, you are missing out on one of the best contemporary writers out there (and as you know, I don't read hardly any contemporaries anymore but I plunk down full price for the ebook version of anything by Julie James!  I sure do wish she wrote faster though...)
Another wonderful book I read was The Duke's Perfect Wife by Jennifer Ashley.  Hart and Eleanor were a superb couple and I loved seeing more of Ian.  It was fun, smart and sexy and I can't wait for more in this delicious series!  Both of these books were 4 1/2 star reads for me.

This next batch were all solid four star reads for me and I look forward to more books from all of them!  The debut from Sara Ramsey, Heiress Without a Cause, was very well written and had just enough steaminess for me and I soaked it all in rather quickly.  I am already starting on the next in the series and am very anxious for book three!
Heidi Betts is also another contemporary author that I look forward too and since I was waiting on a new book to be released and saw her newest Desire title out, On the Verge of I Do, I grabbed it and settled in for what I knew would be a well-written, engaging, smart and sexy story that I knew I would enjoy.  And I was right :)  It was the perfect length for a quick read that left me with a smile on my face.
Invitation to Ruin has a beginning that I know might turn off some readers but I let it roll of my back and really enjoyed this one as well.  It has a higher level of steaminess and I liked watching the attraction develop and mature between the couple.
And finally, if you are on the look out for well written historical erotica, I believe Natasha Blackthorne is an author that will fit the bill.  Grey's Lady is a novella but very steamy but still had a story to it.  I would have liked more but there is a follow up full length book that I am eager to dive into and see more of this passionate couple.

And finally, this last batch is a group of books I really looked forward to but was a tad disappointed in.  They all ended up being 3 1/2 star reads for me.  I think one of my biggest problems with The Princess and the Peer was that the heroine was sooo young.  She was eighteen, and while I know that is perfectly acceptable, I really don't like it much in my stories.  Then we have the classic misunderstanding about identity, the 'I just want to be normal' storyline and while it was well written and such it just didn't have that extra sparkle for me.  But still, I am looking forward to the other two friends stories, especially book three.  
I know many of my friends have really enjoyed Suzanne Enoch's newest series but for some reason they are just not clicking with me.  Taming an Impossible Rogue wasn't bad, it just never really grabbed my attention.  It had an interesting storyline but I found myself skimming parts of it.  Oh well.  I will try again with the next book :)
I was really looking forward to Vicky Dreiling's How to Ravish a Rake and I felt like it fell a little short for me compared to her previous two books.   I loved the aspect of Amy designing dresses and I am all for forced marriages but I guess I never really felt the click of this couple as much as I would have liked.  It has wonderful supporting characters and is funny and sexy but again, it was just missing that extra specialness for me.  But Vicky Dreiling is still on my auto buy list :)
The last book that was just ok for me is Wedded in Scandal.  I'm sure you all know I was looking forward to this one because of the dress making aspect of it and I loved that part of the book!  Lots of fun details and I felt like I was in the shop.  I was a bit slow to warm up to the hero though and I think that made me not enjoy the book as much as I wanted too.  There are some great supporting characters that I think will be the next stories and I am looking forward to them.

Well, theres a small recap of some of what I read this past month.  Overall, a good month and nothing I felt like I wasted time reading :) 


  1. Sorry Kat! I accidentally deleted you comment..I must not do blog stuff with my kids around b/c I don't pay attention, lol!
    Anyways, I didn't have much that I 'had' to read this month by way of reviews so I just took a mini break from full reviewing :) I bought all these books myself so I thought just quick recaps were all right for a change

  2. I have so many that I have read but can't find time to write reviews either. I think doing recaps now and then is a great idea!! I worry sometimes if I wait too long to write a review I may forget some great points, recaps seems to solve that issue.


    1. Oh, I know! If I don't write the review up right away and I read a book or two in between, I have a hard time remembering stuff sometimes! I always seem to think of things after I write the review, lol