Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Covers

This weeks new covers that I have seen, also know as the white dress edition :)

First up is Season for Surrender by Theresa Romain.  This is the follow up to her debut book and I love the little touch of holiday and as the author said herself, it looks like Louisa is up to no good :)  This one will be released October 2nd.

Blackstone's Bride is a new book from Kate Moore and I don't see much information about the story line yet.  I have not read anything by this author but I do like the cover so I guess I will wait for more info on it.  Look for it August 7th.

Oh, look what Julianne MacLean shared this week!  I love it and I love the super sexy stepback as well :)  I am so excited to read this new series and this will be book two and Princess in Love is set for a November release.

I know I have shared the cover of The Bride Wore Pearls previously but Liz Carlye shared the stepback this week and as I love stepbacks, I thought I would share it with you in case you did not see it.  This one will be out July 31st.

Having really enjoyed the first book in Lorraine Heath's new trilogy, Lord of Temptation is on top of my list to read in October.  I like how the author name is bigger than the title :)  I wonder if there will be a stepback for this one because I can imagine it would be nice and sexy...

I don't have much information about this newest title from Stephanie Laurens as I see no info on her website yet and for some reason it is on Amazon and not goodreads yet.  It looks to be a new title as it says 'first time in print' and the release date is set for Sept 25th.  And it has yet another lovely white cover.

Look--a non white cover! :)  I'm really liking this cover!  The shade of blue is lovely and I like the fact the heroine looks like she is about to -- ahem get 'ruined by the moonlight.'  Ruined By Moonlight: A Whispers of Scandal Novel will be out Sept 4th.

And one last one to add quickly-- A Most Naked Solution is a novella by Anna Randol that is set for release June 26th and the cover sure is pretty and gold!  Doesn't necessarily scream 'historical' to me but definitely alludes to the naked part of the title.  This will feature the sister of the hero from her debut book and I'm eager to read it.

So, which covers are your favorites of this batch?  What do you think of the white trend?


  1. The Lady Risks All is Neville Roscoe's story,Lisa.

    I'll be reading it, Princess in Love, Season for Surrender and The Bride Wore Pearls. I like the cover for A Most Naked Solution and I'll put that on the wishlist too.

    1. Thanks Beebs :) That name doesn't ring a bell for me but as I have only read her newest trilogy, I have alot of catching up to do with her books!
      I'll be reading all the books you will be plus L.H :)

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