Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Duchess of Love by Sally MacKenzie

This was a short, fun, sweet novella that I really enjoyed.  Venus Collingswood decides to go for a dip in her neighbors lake one last time before the new owners arrive in a few days.  Besides, her dog is having fun in the water and it is blasted hot out.  Just as she is about to dive in, she slips and is grabbed up by some very strong arms....male arms of a man just as unclothed as she is.  Quite a fun interaction occurs and even though the man identifies himself as the new duke, Venus thinks he is jesting as he seems much to young and decides he must be the cousin instead.  As Andrew Valentine, Duke of Greycliffe, is hoping to just be himself, not his title, he sees no harm in letting her think this for the time being.  Naturally, problems arise as to him hiding his true identity and it puts the happiness of not just Venus in jeopardy, but that also of her sister.

This is a quick prequel novella to a new series that will feature Venus as an adult matchmaking for her sons and I found it delightful!  It is a wonderful mix of humor, sassiness, love, and warmth with just a touch of heat at the end.  This was my first read of Sally MacKenzie and if she can make a few hours fly by as fast as she did with this novella, I think I am in for a treat for her full length novels!  This is a perfect afternoon treat for a spring day that is sure to leave a smile on your face and I am anxious to see more of Venus and Drew!

I received this ARC from Kensington Books.  It is actually printed in the back of the upcoming book, Bedding Lord Ned but will be available as an ebook first and then will be printed in its entirety when Bedding Lord Ned releases on June 5th.

Duchess of Love
Bedding Lord Ned (Duchess of Love, #1)
     June 5th
Two more titles to come!

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