Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Update on challenge and randomness

A small update on my A to Z challenge.

H: Holly's Inbox

W: Wife for Hire (Part of a Harlequin Duet but wanted to include it in case I don't get another W)

2 more down.....20 to go!!

Do you ever feel like you have so much to read and you just don't know what to read next because you want to read them all Right Now? Thats how I seem to feel lately. I have sooo many good books I want to read that while I am reading my current book, I am thinking, Hurry up so I can get to the next! Silly it seems. I am very glad it is summertime though b/c I have read much more now than I will when fall tv starts back up.....sigh..... I love tv too. I need more hours in the day! I know I am lucky that I stay home with my boys though, because I get more snippets of reading in when they are playing together.

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