Thursday, July 23, 2009

Holly's Inbox by Holly Denham

Product Description – From “System alert: Inbox full of scandal, romance, and office hilarity! Meet Holly Denham. It’s her first day as a receptionist at a London investment bank and inexperienced Holly is struggling. How’s a working girl supposed to have a love life with a demanding job, crazy friends, a dysfunctional family, and gossipy colleagues? Not to mention that Holly’s been keeping a secret from everyone – and the past is about to catch up with her. An affair with a sexy VP heats things up at the office, but when Holly’s first flame (who, she thinks, left her in the lurch) gets a job at the same company, complications abound and Holly’s inbox becomes a daily source of drama, laughter and scandal.”

Holly's Inbox was an interesting read for me as it is written entirely in email format. This gets a bit distracting though, as you need to constantly check who is writing to whom. The storyline is great and gets you hooked in, even though the middle seemed a bit sluggish. The last third of the book really got to me and the story was more interesting -- I finished the last two hundred pages or so (of 667!) in less than an hour. I give it 3 1/2 stars. Will I reread it in the future--probably not. Was it worth the time to read it -- yes! It was a nice change of pace from my normal romance books. Be sure to check of to follow Holly's 'real' emails.

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