Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To Tempt an Irish Rogue by Kaitlin O'Riley

Paulette Hamilton is busily happy with her bookstore and the soon to be opening of a new one when a charming man and his adorable daughter stroll into the shop and her life is never the same.  One glance and Declan Reeves, Lord Cashelmore, and his daughter Mara and she is instantly attracted and drawn to the mute young girl.  However, her family quickly warns her to stay away from him as is suspected of murdering his wife.  Paulette knows that this man did not do what is being said of him and continues to see Declan whenever she can.  They form a heated bond that they soon explore, even knowing that Declan has no desire to marry again.  However, as matters progress, it becomes clear that Declan must return to Ireland to clear his name so that maybe he can have a future with Paulette after all.  Returning to Ireland causes a whole new array of problems and it leads Paulette to him and a daring mission to reunite him with his daughter.  Will this separation allow Paulette and Declan, and the rest of her family, to see the truth of their hearts and the truth of the past?

This was my first time reading Kaitlin O'Riley and I enjoyed her writing!  Even though this is book four in a series about the Hamilton sisters, I did not feel left out and look forward to going back and reading their stories now.  The story is not over fresh or unique but it felt like a nice comfort read.  The relationship progressed nicely and the addition of Mara was well done and I really enjoyed watching her transform back into a vibrant young girl along with her close bond with her dad.  I loved that the setting included a peek inside the workings of a bookstore!  Declan is a handsome, solid Irish man and I think he was a wonderful balance to the quiet, smart Paulette.  The addition of all the sisters and their families adds a real sense of warmth without taking away from the romance.  I liked how the action plot and villain were spelled out rather quickly, that was a nice change of pace for me!  It is always refreshing to see the evil plan unfold when you know who did what.  Overall, a nice blend of family, romance, tenderness with dash of action.  A nice treat for a cold winter day.  I look forward to the final Hamilton sisters story! 

ARC provided by Kensington Books

Hamilton Sisters series
Worked well as a stand alone
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One more to come next year!


  1. I've read all of her books in the series and very much looking forward to this new one!

    1. I'm looking forward to catching up on the previous titles!