Wednesday, October 24, 2012

To Love a Thief by Darcy Burke

I have read all of Darcy Burke's full lengths and really enjoyed them and was happy to see she had a novella out and I was quite happy with it!  Jocelyn Renwick sees her late mothers necklace on a lady of the ton while acting as a chaperone at a ball and it spikes her curiosity since it was stolen and never recovered.  With her impulsive, bold nature she asks about the necklace and where it came from and gets a answer that she knows is false.  At the same ball she garners the attention of Daniel Carlyle, former constable and new viscount.  He was mentored about the ways of society since he never expected to be a viscount and the earl that mentors him just happens to be the man that has Jocelyn's belongings.  Not sure who to believe, the earl or Jocelyn, sends Daniel back to his roots in a quest for the truth.  Unfortunately, the truth turns out to be the worse kind and it endangers not just him, but also Jocelyn and the hope for a future together.

As with most novellas, I wish this was just a bit longer so we could have had more time to see the relationship develop between Jocelyn and Daniel but even so, I thought the length was done well.  The instant attraction sends sparks flying and the action keeps this couple coming back together.  Lies are told but truths are quickly revealed as well which I appreciated.  I liked how Daniel has been a constable and inherited a title he never expected to have or want and this is an area I would have liked just a bit more about, but again, it worked well within this novella.  Daniel is smart, loyal and confident and a wonderful foil to Jocelyn and her bold nature. You know who the villain is but how it all unraveled was a delight.  This novella has it all--action, romance, love and passion.  We get just enough glimpses of one of the upcoming heroes and I am very anxious to see how Ms Burke redeems him!  Lovely story for a lovely price.  4 stars

Secrets & Scandals
Can be read as stand alones, best enjoyed in order
Her Wicked Ways (Secrets & Scandals #1)His Wicked Heart (Secrets & Scandals #2)To Seduce a Scoundrel (Secrets & Scandals #3)
Never Love a Scoundrel Winter 2013
Scoundrel Ever After Winter 2013


  1. Sounds like another great read from Darcy. I will need to get this one!

    1. It's a nice treat at 99 cents! Anxious for the next two books now :)