Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Covers

Some more lovely new covers!

Emma Wildes continues her Whisper of Scandal series with the March 5th release of A Most Improper Rumor.  Such a lovely cover!  I adore the attention to the background detail!  Adding this one to my wish list :)

I really enjoyed Nina Rowan's debut so I am very anxious for A Passion for Pleasure!  Again, I adore the attention to details!  Love the purple and the piano and the fact that the back is just a pretty as the front!  Look for this one April 30th.

Fallen is a reprint from 2001 but I wanted to share it anyways since the updated cover is so pretty!  A nice pop of pink.  This will be out Nov 27th.

So pretty.  I love the play on the title for Liz Carlyle's newest book, A Bride by Moonlight.  I have yet to read anything by this author but I know this cover has caught my attention.  Look for it Feb 26th.

Sophia Nash continues her Royal Entourage series with The Duke Diaries.  Lots of bold red covers lately!  This fits in very nicely with the previous two covers and I am eagerly awaiting the February 26th release.

Teresa Medeiros is back January 29th with The Temptation of Your Touch.  She is also an author I have yet to read and I hope to remedy that this coming year!

This title popped up as a Facebook ad the other day for me and the cover definitely grabbed my interest.  The Trouble with Being Wicked is book one in The Naughty Girl Series and looks to be releasing Dec 18th from a new author (I believe) Emma Locke.  The second title, The Problem with Seduction, looks like a January 2013 release.  No preorder info yet but these are on my radar to pick up!! (Book descriptions are on her website).

Anne Gracie is yet another I need to read and she is kicking off a new series, Chance Sisters, with The Autumn Bride so I plan on picking this one up and giving her a try!  The cover seems very reflective of autumn and should be out February 5th.

Well, I always start off with just a couple covers but more always pop up!  I can't believe we are already looking at covers for February!  Less than three months until Christmas, yikes!  Any of these titles on your must read list for next year?


  1. Some very pretty covers here,the cover of A Bride by Moonlight is my favourite of these. Liz Carlyle, Anne Gracie, Emma Wildes and Sophia Nash were already on the wishlist. Off to check out the other books now. You're soooooo bad for the wallet :) :)

    1. Sorry, lol :) I am so drawn to covers, they totally get my money that way!

  2. Aren't they all just beautiful and by such fabulous authors. Just wish we didn't have to wait so long to get them. Thanks for giving me more lovely novels to add to my endless Wish List!

    1. I think this would be such a great job to have, designing covers for books you know are amazing!

  3. I am in love with the Autumn cover! It's also my favorite time of year. A Passion For Pleasure cover caught my eye right off the bat. My daughter got married last May and there was a picture taken of her at a piano the same color as the one on the book and she's practically in that same pose. TOO eerie, LOL!

    I am looking forward to reading The Temptation Of Your Touch by Teresa Medeiros. It's the second in a series and the first, The Pleasure Of Your Kiss, is one of my all time favorites. That book brought emotions out of me in great force and at the end, I was sobbing so hard my dog came up to me whining. It does have a great HEA though. :) I have patiently waited for Max's story. I highly recommend those books!

    What beautiful covers you have chosen for the post.

    1. Oh, how pretty for your daughter! I am loving the attention to background details we are seeing lately, from the piano to the autumn!! I have yet to read The Pleasure of Your Kiss but I have it on the pile, I will have to get to it soon so I am caught up. I like books that bring out the emotions :)