Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Seducing Mr. Knightly by Maya Rodale

Annabelle Swift has loved Derek Knightly, editor and owner of The London Weekly, for three years, six months, three weeks and two days, all without his notice.  She has decided that now is the time to change this and asks the readers of her column, Dear Annabelle, for advice on gaining the attention of a man that pays you no mind.  The answers pour in and Annabelle sets about trying out some of the suggestions.  After a variety of attempts; lower bodices, smoldering glances, forgotten seems to be working as Knightly seems to be noticing her!  Yet, he is courting a society lady, the last piece he needs to right the wrongs of his past.  Knightly is confused to his new found feelings for Annabelle and his duty not just to himself, but also to his paper which is coming under heavy suspicion of fraud.   Annabelle and her fellow Writing Girls decide she needs to attempt one last final grand gesture but when happiness finally seems attainable, the newspaper scandal blows up and it forces Annabelle to make a rash decision.  How can Knightly show Annabelle the truth of his heart while holding on to all that he has built with his newspaper?

I just adore Maya Rodale's writing and Seducing Mr. Knightly is no exception!  If you have read the previous books in this series, I'm sure you have been eagerly anticipating this story and, for the most part, it delivers.  I loved watching Annabelle shed her quiet 'don't notice me' shell (I mean really, her family is just plain horrible to her) and bloom into a daring, courageous woman.  Her attempts at seduction are both heart warming and amusing and she shares it all with her readers.  Knightly for his part, comes out of his unobservant shell and starts to wonder if he could be the man Annabelle is questing after, which I was happy about.  It was not a quick about face but a slow, realistic change and you can see them falling truly in love with each other, past the initial love at first sight.  They both want to belong and together they find a way to find that with each other.  With how smoking hot the cover is, I was a bit surprised that the heat factor is a bit on the lower side...however, as the story unfolds, it works and in the end, I really wasn't too disappointed.  The romance is slower and sweet with delicious sexual tension and the payoff is wonderful.  I really did not care for the ending and Annabelle's decision she made but oh, Knightly's attempt to fix it...totally hilarious and swoon worthy!  I adored that!  A solid conclusion to a fun, sexy series and I am a bit sad that we are saying good bye to these characters.  Maya Rodale is on my auto buy list with this series due to her fabulous storytelling filled with charm, humor, sass, characters you can relate too and swoon worthy romance.  4 stars

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Can be read as stand alones but delightful in order!
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