Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Notorious Countess Confesses by Julie Anne Long

Evie Duggan has had to do some things to provide for her family that the proper woman of Pennroyal Green just can not accept or ignore and they shun the widowed countess upon her move there.  As her life, which involved theater, becoming a courtesan, and being one in a card game, has left her quite lonely she sets about to make friends with the woman and enlists the help on the one man who is a central part to all the woman, Vicar Adam Sylvaine.  Adam is the delectable vicar who has captured the heart of all the young ladies and they don't exactly take to Evie with her sinful past, catching his attention.  Yet, Evie's vulnerability strikes a cord with Adam and he agrees to help her find the friends she desperately desires.  Together they launch a plan of attack but the woman of Pennroyal Green still do not quite believe in Evie's redemption and toss her numerous obstacles that she has to overcome.  All the while, Evie can't quite understand her feelings she is developing for Adam and knows that nothing can truly happen as her past will destroy his future.  Can Adam convince himself, Evie and his congregation that they belong together?

Julie Anne Long has delivered another sensual, witty, enjoyable romance!  Adam is a vicar I think we all wish we could see every Sunday; kind, strong, sharp, caring and very easy on the eyes.  Evie was strong, funny, smart, loyal, loving and courageous yet unique with her loneliness.  She has a brother and sister that she communicates with and her trusty maid, Henny, but you could not help but empathize as her loneliness is a hard void to fill.  She thinks she will easily be able to convince Adam to help her but Adam sees right through her act and sees her heart but he also can not shake her notorious past and it causes quite a bit of friction, especially when men from her past turn up in town.  While I loved the slow build up and sexual tension, I wished it had moved a little faster.  It was over the halfway mark before they even shared a kiss but I did feel it fit with the storyline and the surroundings...but still.  Even though there is a slow build up, Adam and Evie share some very tender, hot, swoon worthy moments together.  The secondary characters add a wonderful layer of humor, hijinks, heart and humility and I thought the ending involving them was very appropriate.  Even though this is book seven in this series, it can be read as a stand alone and the ending left me very hopeful a long awaited reunion may soon have its story!!  Overall another strong addition to a wonderful series.  A delicious romance filled with the trademark wit and loveliness you can expect from a Julie Anne Long novel!  4 stars

eARC provided by Avon Book via edelweiss

Pennroyal Green series
(can be read as stand alones)
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  1. Sooooo looking forward to this one. Great review!

  2. Julie Anne Long never fails to entertain with her novels. She is very a talented author and I know that "A Notorious Countess Confesses" will be wonderful as well. Perhaps the reason you felt the novel was a bit slow is because Adam is a vicar and as a man of God, is considered to be a bit "hard to get." I look forward to reading this novel to see how Adam and Evie are able to overcome the dislike that the congregation has for their relationship. I know that the humor that Ms. Long adds to her novels will be great and is something that I enjoy.

    1. I love her humor!! The slow build up was fine and it worked with the story, I mean a vicar can't be out doing whatever whenever he wants can he? lol, I just was a bit impatient for Evie and Adam to move forward together :)