Monday, January 16, 2012

New Covers

Here are some new covers that were mentioned online recently.

Rules of Engagement: The Reasons for Marriage\The Wedding Party\Unlaced features, I think, two new stories and one reprint (the Laurens one).  I'm not positive about that but Delilah Marvelle  does have some info on her website and it releases April 17th.  Looking forward to her story :)  And I love the teal of this cover!

The Scarlet Bride is book three in Cheryl Ann Smith's School  for Brides series and I think this is a very unique cover.  Obliviously, the red dress seems appropriate based on the title but I really like the background shot of a city.  Something different :)  This one comes out in June.

Elizabeth Boyle is on my to read soon list and I think I will be starting with Along Came A Duke!  Such a pretty cover (done by the ever talented Jon Paul Studios as I remember him posting this cover art to facebook).  And the synopsis sounds good as well!  Look for it June as well.

And finally, Karen Ramsey revealed her upcoming cover and stepback through her email/blog subscription.  Very nice and Scottish and the stepback is super sexy.  Look for A Scandalous Scot  June 26th.

Any of these covers grab your attention?  Any new cover goodies out there that I have not seen yet?