Friday, January 20, 2012

The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae by Stephanie Laurens

This was a very satisfying conclusion to the Cynster Sisters Trilogy with the mystery as to why there have now been three kidnappings being quickly spelled out, which I appreciated.  I was also happy with the reason behind the kidnappings and it showed our hero,  Dominic Lachlan Guisachan, eight Earl of Glencrae in a positive light.  Just as he is re-entering society he catches the attention of one Angelica Cynster and being the bold, headstrong female that she is, knows that this tall, mysterious man is her husband to be.  Angelica is pleasantly surprised when her attentions seemed to be returned and convinces Dominic to step out for a bit of air, though it is highly improper.  Dominic can not believe that the last Cynster sister is falling into his lap and proceeds to whisk Angelica away from the ball.  

Angelica was a delight to read.  She is strong, fiesty and at the same time, caring and loving.  She agrees to Dominics crazy plan but not without her own little twist.  As she knows deep inside her heart that this is the man for her, she has no qualms about stepping up and helping him rescue his clan.  She steps into the role of presumed countess-to-be with a great deal of grace and charm.  And Dominic can feel the love growing between them but still refuses to bend to passion until matters are taken out of his hands.  Phew!  Can these two burn up the sheets!  But with her family searching for her and Dominic running out of time to save his clan, can these two overcome all the obstacles being thrown there way?

It took me a bit to really get into this story but once I did, I was flipping through the pages and finished it up in one night.  I thought our couple were perfect for each other and balanced each other nicely.  The mystery that has been surrounding the laird from the previous two books is revealed quickly but I thought the ending was a bit abrupt.  Like all the loose threads were tied up too neatly and quickly.  But even with these hesitations on my part, this was a delightful book that will give past Cynster fans more glimpses of this large, bold family but will also showcase a romance destined to be.  4 stars

I received this eARC from Avon via

Cynster Sisters Triology 
  Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue (Cynster #16)In Pursuit of Miss Eliza Cynster: A Cynster Novel

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