Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Covers

Here are some new covers that I have noticed around cyberspace this week~

First up is the first cover for Elise Rome's debut series! I love this cover...the blue and the mask make it pop and look mysterious at the same time. No definite release date at this time but hopefully by the end of January she has said. Yay!

Sigh.... I love this cover. The green. The handsome guy. Very pretty and a clever way to make the long title fit nicely. Look for book book five in the Lords of Vice series, All Afternoon with a Scandalous Marquess on July 31st.

I love purple so this is another winner of a cover for me! I have read a couple of Sherry Thomas' books and they were just ok for me but I am excited for her new trilogy coming up and hope to see if my tastes have improved :) Look for Ravishing the Heiress around July 3rd.

Almost a Scandal is the start of a series called Reckless Brides from Elizabeth Essex. I can't find much information about the book or the series but I am intrigued just based on the cover alone. This one also releases July 31st.

Now I know I just said I love purple and I do love the purple of this cover but the rest is just sort of ho-hum for me. I feel like the female is a bit too made up for my tastes and I'm not particularly found of the bodice of the dress. Picky picky I know! (Oh, but I do like that the male is wearing black instead of the usual white) That being said, I can't wait to read Much Ado About Rogues as it is the Blackthorn Brothers' story! I am so intrigued to see what Black Jack has been up too :) Look for this March 20th.

Last up is the cover and stepback for book three in the Donovan series from Jennifer Haymore. I'm pretty excited for this one as well as Meg is believed dead in the first book so that should make things interesting :) This one is out August 1st.

So, what about you? Any of these covers catch your eye and you can't wait to dive into?


  1. Hi, my name is Inka. I love stepback covers, and that stepbsck is unique. I just finde this blog. You are amazing. Please publish more stepback cover.

    Kisses from Bulgaria

    1. Hi Inka, thanks so much for stopping by! I love stepbacks too and I try to publish them as the authors release them on their websites :)