Friday, December 9, 2011

The Price of Temptation by Lecia Cornwall

The Price of Temptation takes a common regency storyline--that of a nobleman disguising himself as a servant in an attempt to gain secretive information--and adds a few twists and turns to still make it fresh and exciting.  Lady Evelyn Renshaw knows she is the wife of one of Englands most hated traitors and since she truly has no idea where he is, she can just ignore the gossip.  However, when a Frenchman attacks her one day asking where a fabled, magical flag is she realizes that she needs to buck up and is grateful when a mysterious stranger rescues her.  When that same mysterious man appears at her home to work as a footman, she is intrigued and a bit attracted to him.  Unfortunately,  Captain Sinjon Rutherford, or Sam as Evelyn believes, is hiding quite a few secrets of his own and as Evelyn and Rutherford grow closer, the web of lies grows more intricate and telling the truth gets more and more difficult until it is too late.

Overall I really enjoyed this book even though I personally I am not a huge fan of the deception storyline.  I thought Evelyn transformed from a quiet, unassuming woman into a bold, confident woman that will not stop until she has her life the way she wants it.  Her attraction to the lowly footman Sam was instant but she dismisses it...he is just a footman...but the inclusion of her three, silly and almost spiteful sisters (who seem to only think of themselves first and foremost) make her consider a lover and the results are sure to have you needing a fan handy!  How Rutherford is found out to be the notorious Captain Sinjon is quite funny and quite sad at the same time as you can just see the wall go back up around Evelyn after Rutherford had broken it all down.  There are many unexpected twists that it will keep you flipping the pages to find out what is going to happen next.  And like I said, even though I personally do not enjoy seeing our heroine get deceived by our hero, the reasons behind the undercover spyness are necessary to this storyline and it works well.  Lecia Cornwall has delivered a story that is sure to make your heart pound with all the twists and turns, lies and cleverness, danger and intrigue along with a love and attraction so strong it almost jumps out at you.  4 stars

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