Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Ruthless Prince by Gaelen Foley

Book four in the Inferno Club, best enjoyed read in order but could be read as a standalone.

~~Drake, Earl of Westwood was captured by the evil Promethean group and tortured beyond reason but never gave up his fellow members of the Inferno Club.  Now he is on a dangerous mission all on his own and has no time for his childhood friend appearing and causing havoc with him and his plans.  Drake is dark and mysterious but generous and not afraid to admit his feelings but has to hide so much behind a mask to protect him and Emily.

~~Emily is the kind of heroine you just have to love.  She is bold, clever and unwavering in her love for Drake.  I loved how our first meeting of Emily she is prepared to fight all the men with her bow and arrow (ok fine my first thought was Katniss!  Hunger Games!  I can't wait for the movie! but I got over that quickly).  She follows Drake without a second thought because she knows she has to fight for the man she loves and everyone else seems to have given up on him and she never will.

~~Their love.  Drake and Emily have a very powerful, moving love for each other that is just wonderful to read and experience.  I loved how there was no tip toeing around the love, that they just admitted to it after all these years.  After all, a gameskeeper daughter and the future Earl are not evenly matched in society but Emily and Drake are evenly matched in spirit and determination.  The only shadow on their love is Drake and his instance on carrying out his plan and in the process, he has to leave Emily mostly in the dark in order to protect her.  This causes some confusion for Emily but her support stays strong.

~~Names...When there are so many characters, especially males, I always get a bit confused when the author changes between the title surname, the first name and in some cases the last day.  I found this to be a bit true in this book as there are five males in the Inferno Club plus numerous men in the Promethean clan so I got easily confused and it threw a small hitch in my reading.

Overall, I thought this was a great ending for Drake, whose story has been building up from the previous books.  This book is full of danger and excitement and passion with a story you soon won't forget.  I thought the final climatic scene was excellent and I could just feel the hope and heartbreak stretching all the characters nerves taught.  I would have liked the epilogue to have been about Drake and Emily and not a set up for the next book but thats just because I wanted to see more of our couple together out of the Promethean house and happy :)    A very satisfactory 4 stars.

A couple sigh-worthy quotes

He shook his head, and said in a strangled tone, "You are too good for me.:
"I was meant for you."

"I love you."
"Never stop.  You are air and light and water to me"

I received this eARC from Avon via and the quotes are subject to change in final version

The Inferno Club
Can be read as standalone but best enjoyed in order
My Wicked Marquess (Inferno Club, #1)My Dangerous Duke (Inferno Club, #2)My Irresistible Earl (Inferno Club, #3)


  1. Wonderful review, I recently read this arc too. It was a page turner for me and just when I thought I knew what would happen the author surprised me!

  2. Thanks Kat! I know what you me, I really enjoyed the twists and turns :)