Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All the Pleasures of the Season by Lecia Cornwall

Lady Miranda Archer believes she has found the perfect man but the moment she accepts his proposal the ice forms on him and she begins to regret her decision.  Her heart truly belongs to the second son of a baron, Gilbert, but being the granddaughter of a duke she knows that marriage can never happen.  Thankfully, her brother knows that the Earl of Kelton is no good for his sister and when Mirandas precious sapphires from her late mother go missing and turn up in the most unexpected spot, the engagement is quickly called off.  The only thing to do is go to her grandfathers and tell him and Miranda is terrified of disappointing him.  Little does she know that Gilbert is also on his way to see her grandfather but for a very special reason.  Can these two lovebirds find a way to convince her grandfather that love tops all?

Overall, this is a delightful holiday novella!  The storyline was interesting and moved along nicely with just enough sparks and heat to keep me wanting to know how this would all play out.  I enjoyed watching Miranda and Gilbert deepen their feelings for each other but I do wished we had seen a bit more of their past.  I loved the wonderful, fun, bossy family of the Archers and all the happiness of trimming out a castle for the holidays.  You could just feel like you were with them while trampling through the forest to gather all the holiday goods.  There was a deep sense of tradition that was followed that I also appreciated.  As it seems to be with all novellas, I wish it had been longer but this really was a complete story for me, besides wanting a bit more back story on Miranda and Gilbert.  When you are looking to take a break from all of the holiday festivities, Lecia Cornwall delivers a perfect holiday treat for a couple hours!  4 stars

I received this ebook from Avon via netgalley.com

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