Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wicked in Your Arms by Sophie Jordan

This is just a quick review of a great book! 

Prince Sevastian Maksimi knows that following a long, grueling war that leaves his elder brother dead, he must quickly take a wealthy bride and produce an heir to help bolster his counties spirits.  He travels to London where a cousin of his lives and sets out to find a nice, docile wealthy bride.  Unfortunately for him, he is overheard saying some very rude things about Grier Hadley and in her bold, confident manner, she dumps her lemon water on him!  And so starts a sparking relationship that neither of them truly want and know can not end well but can not ignore. 

Grier needs to wed as well but her reason is her father wants a title in the family as he is the owner of a gaming hell and barely tolerated by society, only because of his wealth and he wants all the prestige as well.  Grier is instantly captivated by the dashing prince but can not forget his presumptuous comments before they even met but Sev is not easily deterred from what he wants.  When they are caught in a most scandalous position, will Sev take responsibility for it and forgo what his grandfather wants from him or will he just brush Grier aside?  Pick up this delightful, sexy romance filled with sassy dialogue and good supporting characters to find out! 4 stars

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