Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Romancing Lady Cecily by Ashley March

Romancing Lady CecilyThis is a short story (apprx 15,000 words I believe) about Lady Cecily and her choice between honoring a marriage arranged by her father or honoring her heart to the man who has seduced her with his words and kisses, Baron Sedgwick.  I was a bit surprised as I started reading that it seemed to be that Cecily was cheating on her fiance, but as the story moved quickly along we learn more of the truth.  She has never met this fiance and does not actually know his name.  I quickly gathered where this was going but I still needed to know why so I kept reading.  In fact, I was able to finish the entire story in about an hour, hour and a half...with the kiddos around so not bad.

Overall, this is a satisfying love story that will live a smile on your face.  A very steamy love story about a man who loves a woman and a woman who refuses to bend and chooses to honor her parents choices for her, even though her heart is breaking.  My only complaint, as it always seems to be with short stories, was I wanted a bit more.  Not much more, but maybe a couple glimpses of  Cecily's and Sedgwicks relationship, as it had been going on for two years would have helped me truly grasp the love these two shared.  Still, the writing was excellent and the love scenes smokin and now I am looking forward to Ashley Marchs next book, Romancing the Countess (Signet Eclipse) even more now and hopefully Cecily and Sedgwick make an appearance in it!  4 stars

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