Sunday, August 28, 2011

Unclaimed by Courtney Milan

Another stellar performance from Courtney Milan!

Jessica Farleighs life changed forever when she was just fourteen and now years later she is desperate to leave her courtesan life behind her and she seizes an opportunity from her former protector to seduce the seemingly chaste Sir Mark Turner and ruin his good name.  Mark is know for a book he wrote that exploded with popularity and has gained him all sorts of unwanted attention.  His book?  A book on chastity which leads everyone to assume his nature is chaste (after all, he is still a virgin) but underneath that virtuous layer is a a very passionate one just waiting to explode and when he lays eyes on the lovely, supposedly widowed Mrs Farleigh, he believes he has found the one he has been waiting for.

Jessica starts on her course to seduce Mark with a couple of cliches and he sees right through them and into her true self, the person she has worked so hard to hide all these years.  The two begin a sort of give and take relationship where they share some passionate kisses and heated embraces but never completely sealing the deal so to say.  As their relationship grows, so does Jessicas conscious and she finally breaks down and tells Mark the truth and in the process, shatters his heart...and hers for they have developed strong feelings for each other.  Mark leaves the countryside and returns to London and tries to forget Jessica but what Jessica does makes it impossible for him to forget.  What does she do that makes him confront her again?  Ah, I won't share that with you ;)  You will need to grab this fabulous book and see for yourself!

Overall, I really loved this strong, sweet, heart breaking, passionate, lovely, soul searching book!  It seemed to take me through many emotions, happy and sad, and that is a hard thing to accomplish.  Mark is almost too good to be true but it worked...he is the perfect balance for Jessica to help her heal from her past and withstand her passionate nature.  Both Mark and Jessica had traumatic moments from their pasts but how they overcame them, so totally different...she lost her family, he always had his two brothers, shaped how their futures came to be.  Really the only flaw with this story was the ending.  I understand we needed that last hurdle thrown in but I thought a few things with Jessica wrapped up a little to neatly for my taste.  Overall, again, a stellar book and I can. not. wait. for Smites book and many, many more books from Ms Milan!!  5 stars

I received this ebook from the publisher via

Turner series (not necessary to read previous ones first but you should as they are both awesome!!)
Unveiled (Hqn)Unlocked

Book 3: Unraveled  Sometime by years end I think I read! :)

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