Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just One Season in London by Leigh Michaels

This was a very interesting, good book.  It focuses on three couples, not just one, and while you would think it would be confusing or wouldn't work, Leigh Michaels somehow made it work!  The story centers around the Ryecroft family and their need for money to keep the estate afloat.  Viscount Ryecroft knows it is his duty to find a wealthy heiress so that he may provide for his mother and give his sister a season in London.  When an unexpected opportunity falls into his lap, he is able to travel to London with his mother and his sister, Sophie, each with their own hope that this one season in London will provide them with the chance to provide for the family and the future.

Sophie is the belle of the ton and seems to have her pick of suitors.  But will she choose for money or will she follow her heart?  Rye know his duty but when circumstances force him to choose between protecting his family or protecting a woman, what will he do?  And Ryes mother, Miranda, will do anything to provide for her children but when her offer is tossed back in her face, how will she overcome this obstacle and keep her heart intact?

Each of our three couples get the time they need to develop together though I did feel a bit confused at times as to who the end couples would be.  Especially with Sophie.  I did feel like her pairing was the most confusing because it was not totally clarified until right at the end and I would have liked to have seen a bit more of her with her man together.  But overall, this is a wonderful story of family and love and passion all wove together in a way that keeps you flipping the pages to see what turn will happen next.  I am looking forward to more novels from Ms Michaels who seems to have a knack for weaving together three happily-ever-afters into one.  4 solid stars!

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