Sunday, August 28, 2011

Annabelle, the American by Lavinia Kent

Episode 3: Annabelle and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad rumor

And oh, what a rumor it is!  Annabelle,  Marchioness of Tattingstong, is stunned to see the newest cartoon and the picture it shows.  It is a cruel drawing of her and her husband, with her husband and another woman, who is shown with two children, all while sneaking away Annabelles large fortune.  Naturally, Annabelle is beyond hurt as she believes her husband, Thomas, has had a mistress the entire time of their short marriage and already had a child with her.  She knows they did not marry for love but the thought of Thomas already having a child is more that she can bear.  

When Thomas sees the drawing he is also stunned, but for a very different reason as he knows the truth.  And the truth.  Huh.  I thought I had it figured out at one point but nope, I was wrong and it went a way I did not expect and I really enjoyed that!  As with the previous two stories, Kathryn, The Kitten (The Real Duchesses of London) and Linnette, The Lioness (Real Duchesses of London), the ladies all reunite in an effort to stop this lie from spreading.  There is not as much cattiness in this story but the truth about Linnette and Elizabeth is told and hopefully that friendship is on the mend.  Overall, a delightful way to spend a couple hours.  The story is full of steamy goodness, heartbreak, hope and love.  My only complaint was I just didn't feel the connection between Thomas and Annabelle as much as I would have liked.  They have a huge hurdle to overcome and based on Annabelles opinions at the beginning, I thought she accepted the outcomes a little easily.  But even with my opinion on that, still a solid addition to what is turning into a delightful series!  4 stars

The Real Duchesses of London
While not necessary to read the previous novellas, I would as a couple scenes will make more sense
Kathryn, The Kitten (The Real Duchesses of London)Linnette, The Lioness (Real Duchesses of London) Both out now and excellent!
Elizabeth, The Enchantress Releases 9/13/2011

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