Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Angel in My Arms by Stefanie Sloane

After reading Ms Sloanes debut novel, The Devil in Disguise: A Regency Rogues Novel, I was a bit disappointed with it, mostly with the editing of the novel that I think hinder my opinion of it a bit.  Still I was looking forward to trying out the next book in the series, The Angel in My Arms: A Regency Rogues Novel and I am happy to say Stephanie Sloane delivered a good book with a good story and no major editing issues this time!

Miss Sarah Tisdale is a delightful heroine!  She is bold, feisty, a bit silly and flighty and I really enjoyed her!  (I just read Love in the Afternoon (Hathaways, Book 5) and she reminded be a bit of Beatrix).  She encounters Marcus MacInnes, Earl of Weston, one afternoon in quite an improper way as her brother, Nigel and her are swimming.  Sarahs enormous beast of a dog, Titus, also makes quite a wet impression and a bit of humor to the story.  And so with this awkward, unusual first encounter Marcus and Sarah being their relationship with both of them not wanting to like the other.  Unfortunately, Sarah quickly realizes that all these silly arguments the two share means she truly likes him.  And also, unfortunately for Marcus he has a hard time getting Sarah out of his head and letting her distract him from the real reason her returned to his estate---to watch the Tisdale family to see if they are involved in a smuggling ring with ties to Napoleon.  Marcus is half Scottish and half English so he has never really been embraced from either culture and left town to get away from the criticism but with Sarahs help, he gradually sees how his estate and people truly are once they get to know the actual man.

This is just a quick review but overall I was much happier with this book than his predecessor and I am looking forward to starting The Sinner Who Seduced Me: A Regency Rogues Novel soon and more books from what is sure to be a shining star in historical romance soon!  If you enjoy a delightful heroine and a slight broodish hero whos Scottish accent appears occasionally and a bit of intrigue on top of that, grab this one!  4 stars

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