Monday, February 28, 2011

Driftwood Cottage by Sherryl Woods

Driftwood Cottage was another nice visit to yet another perfect imaginary town that I wished I lived in, Chesapeake Shores. This is book five in the series but picks up directly where A Chesapeake Shores Christmas leaves off so to get the best feel of this book, it is probably a good idea to read at least the Christmas story, the others you can probably do without but are enjoyable, easy reads as well.
Driftwood Cottage finds the very stubborn Connor O'Brien who became a divorce attorney following the divorce of his parents when he was young. His mother walked out on his father and moved away to New York and he hardened his heart towards her and love in general. Connor had had a pretty good life going with his long time, live in girlfriend, Heather. But after the birth of their son, little Mick (named after Connors father) she realizes she wants the piece of paper securing them in marriage even though she has known all along how Connor feels about marriage and she decides to leave him.

Heather moves to Chesapeake Shores to be near Connors large extended family for little Micks sake and to open up her own quilting shop. The O'Briens are a very loving, meddlesome family that do whatever they can, in small, subtle ways to try and get Connor and Heather to reconnect. The love between them has never been a problem, Heather thinks it is just Connors insecurities about marriage. As our story progresses, Connor makes a life changing decision after Heather has a bad accident but their road to happily ever after is still bumpy. They finally do get to their HEA with Connor coming to terms with his fears and Connor helping Heather realizes her own insecurities about marriage.

Overall, this is a sweet, easy book. There is nothing spectacular about it, just something to curl up with on a nice summer day and enjoy. Everything is a bit to know, not much money problems, everyone loves everyone and sort through everything it seems with ease. If you enjoy that, this is an excellent book for you. For me, this is about a 3 1/2 stars book. I look forward to more from this large, nosy family when I am in the mood for a light contemporary book to take me away from my own crazy life.
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