Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Heiress by Lynsay Sands

This was a very interesting book for me. The first half of this book takes place at the same time as The Countess but is told from a different point of view, Suzette and Daniels. Having read The Countess and really enjoying it, I really did not want to read a somewhat condensed version of it again with the more drawn out details of our couple Suzette and Daniel.
Suzette needs to marry quickly to pay off her fathers gambling debt but wants to find a land rich, money poor husband so that he will allow her to live her own life, separate from him. Imagine her surprise when she meets the handsome, titled, seemingly poor Daniel. The sparks are instant between these two and only continue to grow and lead to some very heated moments. They agree to head to Gretna Green, with Suzette thinking still that Daniel is poor (where in reality he has achieved considerable wealth) and Daniel hoping to get to know her better before he goes through with this marriage.
Now we finally get to about the second half of the book and all new happenings. I loved the second half of this book. It was funny, heated, and had a bit of suspense. I really loved Suzette and her boldness and how Daniel accepted her for that. He even compares her to his mother, who is a great character and would have loved more of her! That seems to be my biggest thought/complaint on this book. I wanted more! I wanted more of Daniel and Suzette, more of his mother, more of just their story without rehashing what I had already read before. I think that it is best if you read The Countess beforehand but wait a bit to read this one. Reading them back to back, I think, would be very frustrating. But having not read The Countess, might make this one a bit confusing in the beginning with what happens.
I hope that makes sense~lol. I would have given this 4/12 stars but I just can't get over the first half of the book so 4 stars for this one. Suzette has one more sister and I am hoping for her book soon as I really enjoy Lynsay Sands for her writing of a good story with humor, steam, and mystery!

Had to share this quote from Lady Woodrow, Daniels mother:

"Son, we women have it drummed into our heads from very early on that chastity is a must, that our virginity is the most valuable gift to give a husband. You men may run about rutting with every bitch in heat you come across, but we do not"

This is why I wanted more of her! Such a great mother that loves her son more than anything but is not afraid to speak plainly. Oh, and this is how Suzette describes that she gave herself to Daniel to another character:

"I let my betrothed drive his machine up my strait"

"He drove his nail up to the head"

"He buried his truncheon in my cloven field"

(Cleared up as clover field later on)

And she repeatedly refers to Daniel and his...maypole. LOL Cracked me up

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