Sunday, February 13, 2011

Harvest Moon by Robyn Carr

Wow, Ms Carr as really outdone herself this year with her Virgin River books. All three have been excellent and the latest is no exception. Harvest Moon finds Kelly Matlock coming to Virgin River to recover and reevaluate at her sisters from a broken heart and Lief Holbrook moving there with his rebellious teenager daughter, Courtney. Lief has suffered his own heartbreak at the unexpected death of his wife and an ongoing battle of wills with Courtney and her natural father (who is just a slime bucket).
What is interesting about this story is that the story is just about Lief and Kelly and their romance and about Courtney and her struggles to find herself again. There is really no side story. I really enjoyed Courtney, which I was surprised about because I thought she was going to be a bratty teenager, which she is at times, but Ms Carr does a great job with developing Courtney. I really thought the therapy sessions were interesting and they seemed, to me anyways, like something that would really work in a real life situation. I thought Courtneys transition back to her old self was believable and I got teary eyed during a situation between her and Lief, when she realizes Lief does love her for her and her real father just doesn't care.

The romance between Lief and Kelly is also well done, but then again, Robyn Carr seems to do most things well :) They were attracted to each right away but as Kelly had not been with many men she held off a bit before continuing on with their relationship. And of course Courtney dislikes her and Kelly does not try to force a relationship but the ending between them was very sweet. I was surprised with what came of Kelly broken heart relationship and thought it was a nice little twist that I enjoyed. I am sad that it seems our time with Virgin River this year seems to be done but I hope there is more to come in this series and I hope they all keep up with the wonderfullness the author as done this year. Loved the great community feelings, the turned up heat factor, and the believable characters. For Harvest Moon, 4 stars.
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