Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James

Miss Linnet Thrynne is a great beauty but when she is given the cut direct from the ton and her charming prince suitor due to her gown, which makes her look pregnant, she knows she needs to leave as no one will believe the truth. She hears of the Duke of Windebank who is infatuated with royal bloodlines and needs an heir as his son, the current Earl of Marchant, Piers, is impotent. He gladly accepts Linnets fathers arrangement of a marriage between Linnet and Piers as the Duke is more than happy to accept the baby. Of course there is no baby but Linnet decides to travel and try for the best with this new arrangement and just claim she lost the baby. But then she meets Piers.
Piers, a doctor, knows instantly that Linnet is not pregnant and tells her he refuses to marry her (due to a very strained relationship with his father) and he will not fall prey to her great beauty and charms. Piers is rude, arrogant, snaps at everyone and you are put off by him right away. But not Linnit. She is sassy and snappy and keeps right up with Piers sarcasm. She slowly begins to make her presence known in the castle by helping care for the feelings of his patients and making Piers realize that is more to caring for patients than just curing them of whatever ails them.

Watching these two fall in love was so much fun. Piers has his tough exterior but he has no problem falling deeply in love with Linnet but of course, lets her go when an epidemic breaks out with some very harsh words. Linnit has already professed her love to him at this point and leaves brokenhearted. When he finally realizes he loves her, with a bit of help from his slowly mending relationship with his father, it is almost too late and there is a bit more of a twist to the Beauty and the Beast theme. I did think the ending wasn't the best for this story. I understand the twist but I thought Linnit started acting stupid and then things were resolved a bit too quickly. The epilogue helped wrap up this happily ever after fairy tale but I wanted just a bit more. I can not wait for the next story! 4 stars

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