Friday, March 4, 2011

A Lot Like Love by Julie James

What another fun, sexy, awesome read from Julie James! This time around we are back in Chicago and the FBI office with Mr Tall, Dark and Smoldering, Nick McCall who asks for the help of billionaire heiress, Jordan Rhodes to gain access to an exclusive wine party to plant bugs and catch a money laundering scheme. To get Jordan to accept their request, the FBI dangles the release of her twin brother Kyle, who is in jail for shutting down Twitter for two whole days. She agrees as this should be a very simple mission....until they hit the small snag of the host, Xander who has had designs on Jordan and has Nick followed to find out who he is. As Jordan and Nick are forced to continue on with their "relationship" the sparks continue to fly.

I love how Julie James portrays smart, sexy, self independent, strong women. Even though Jordan stands to gain over a billion dollars, she still owns a very successful wine business that she started on her own. I loved how Jordan and her brother have a great, if sarcastic, relationship and you can see they love they have for each other and their father. And Nick...umm...yummy! He is like many undercover agents that have been in the business a while. A bit jaded and hard and not into relationships and is up front with women about that fact. Of course, they never want to let him go and that adds a wrench later in the story for our couple that adds a bit a intrigue near the end. I really enjoyed how Jordan and Nick took a bit of time to develop a relationship before hitting the sheets. And wowza...they sure know how to light them on fire! And holy smokes...who knew a brick wall could be so sexy?

I tried to take my time reading this but all too soon I found myself at the end with a big smile on my face. There are so many funny moments throughout this book and many moments that will make you and your heart smile. I am so looking forward to Kyles book, I mean, he is a dead ringer for Josh Holloway so another yummy fest there. I see no other info when it will be out, but I am guessing March of next year as that seems to be the pattern so far but who knows, maybe we will get it earlier? Please? But really, if you have not tried out Julie James---do so! Now! You won't be disappointed. (Oh, and props to Julie James and the cover art director for nailing the dress on the cover again! I really appreciate when covers match something that happens in the book) 5 stars

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