Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman by Lorraine Heath

This is the follow up to Passions of a Wicked Earl featuring the middle brother, Stephen Lyons. His older brother is an earl, his younger a duke and he has always felt out of place and turned into a bit of a black sheep. His brothers purchase his papers for the army and suffers some serious setbacks when he finally returns home. He survived a horrible explosion that left an angry scar on his perfect face and wiped his memory of that time. So when our heroine, Mercy Dawson, appears on his doorstep with his son, he does the honorable thing by agreeing to marry her, even though he can not remember her. Stephen does not tell her this and Mercy has her own secrets as well about his son.
This was just another okay read for me by Lorraine Heath. The passion was great but the back and forth ness for the whole middle of the book just dragged for me. The do I tell her I don't remember her and the do I tell him the truth over and over was too much. I would have liked more story there. I have to try some of her previous works as many of my friends have recommended her and I just don't thing this series is clicking for me. I am looking forward to finishing up the series though with Ainsleys story. Overall, this passed a couple of afternoons for me but was not that memorable for me. 3 stars

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