Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Perfect Scandal by Delilah Marvelle

This is the third and last installment in the unique scandal series from Delilah Marvelle. However, each can be read as a stand alone as the only connecting thread is a red book of how to avoid a scandal written by the hero of this book, Tristan, Marquis of Moreland. Tristan happens to catch a glimpse of his beauty of a neighbor one night as she is gazing out her window, totally inappropriately in her dressing gown that allows her bosom to be on display as she leans out to talk to him. Zoisa has had her eyes on Tristan and is thrilled he finally notices her and begs of him to call on her the next day so they may meet properly and she can propose her plan of action to him. Tristan, being a proper gentleman, refuses and sends his book instead but just can not shake the dark haired beauty from him thoughts.
A few weeks pass by when he notices a long line of men lining up outside her door and he goes over and shoves his way in to finally meet the lovely Zoisa, a countess from Poland. He is also startled to notice that she only has one leg but as it does not repulse him in the least, he has a fleeting hope that maybe she can overlook his own deep, hidden secrets. As the two finally talk face to face and Zoisa proposes her plan of marriage and her reasons for it, Tristan is a bit shocked but decides to think on it for a bit. But when circumstances unknown to him and her arise, they are forced to go ahead with the marriage quicker than they had thought.

This was yet another unique book for me to read. It had a bit too much political overhaul for me that I personally do not really enjoy but it added a bit of a new twist the storyline. Also, Tristans 'scandal' from his past that he has had to keep hidden is another topic not touched upon much in romance and though a bit odd, I thought Ms Marvelle did another good job with the topic, just as with the previous two novels. Overall, another good story. Not something I plan to reread anytime soon but if you want a lovely romance with some history and a bit of a darker undertone, this is a good book to try. I look forward to future books by Ms Marvelle, hopefully some lighter stuff as I have enjoyed her writing. 3 1/2 stars

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