Thursday, March 24, 2011

To Surrender To A Rogue by Cara Elliott

Lud, what another great book from Cara Elliott (sorry couldn't resist with the lud, just cracks me up reading in in her books along with la!). This book picks right up were To Sin With A Scoundrel leaves off and while not necessary to read that one first, you do get to meet our hero and heroine for the first time there and see the sparks fly! Lady Alessandra della Giamatti is not at all amused when she is told that Lord James Pierson tied her daughter to a tree to protect her. She is, of course, very upset and says some very spirited things to Jack, along with her daughter and the two of them are dismayed to find themselves both working at an excavation site in Bath. Alessandra takes her scholarship work very seriously and is not happy that some pampered lord is allowed on the site. But when Jacks true talent as an artist emerge, she has to retreat her rude comments as Jack proves to be an excellent addition to the team.

It is Jacks love of art that helps bridge the gap between him and Alessandra daughter, Isabella and I thought the relationship these two build was very sweet. Even though Isabella is a large part of this story, she does not take over it but instead blends in nicely. I would have liked to have seen a bit more of the developing relationship between these two but was portrayed was wonderful. When Alessandra is confronted from a secret from her past and forced to do some actions against her will to protect Isabella, Jack demands to know what is bothering her. As Alessandra is deeply ashamed and appalled at her secret she refuses at first to tell him, but thankfully tells him in good time and it does not drag out too long!

Watching the sparks fly and sting between Alessandra and Jack was a bit of fun! She is quite tempermental and I loved how Jack referred to her distracting mouth as "the Mouth". Alessandra has no intention of ever accepting help from a man again and this frustrates Jack to no end. Oh, but when they finally succumb to their growing desires..wowza. It was great watching how these two relaxed into each but still stayed true to themselves. Overall, this was another fun, sexy read for me with a bit of a mystery and intrigue thrown in with a bit of a twist I didn't expect. I really enjoyed how they were on on excavation site but it was just in Bath, and not some far off exotic locale, nice change of pace. Looking forward to the final book in this trilogy that features another feisty heroine and hero, To Tempt a Rake! 4 good stars for this one

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