Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bought: The Penniless Lady by Deborah Hale

This is book two in Deborah Hales 'Gentleman of Fortune' miniseries and I think you will get the best feel for this book if you read the previous book, Married: The Virgin Widow but its not necessary. Lady Artemis Dearing is saddened and lonely after the death of her brother and sister but is comforted by her darling nephew. When Lees uncle, Hadrian Northmore, suddenly appears and tells her he will get custody of the young boy, Artemis is devastated and says some harsh words to him. After a bit of time to rethink the situation, the situation being that Artemis has been told by her uncles to find a new home for the illegitimate Lee and stop caring for him, she decides that the best plan would be for her to marry Hadrian and care for the boy as Hadrian plans to return to his life overseas and leave Lee with a nanny in England.
Hadrian reluctantly agrees to this plan but is a bit suspicious of Artemis' turnaround on her views. And when it becomes know after they are married that Artemis is penniless, it really drives home the point that she should not be trusted. Still, these two thankfully overcome these small obstacles and slowly realize they have some feelings for each other. Watching these two strong willed people fall in love was very sweet. There is a scene where Hadrian stands up to his housekeeper, who is bad mouthing Artemis that was excellent. This was yet another warm, sweet, fun Harlequin and I really enjoy the writing of Deborah Hale. The premise for the next book, Wanted: Mail-Order Mistress , was introduced a bit and I am looking forward to reading it! 3 1/2 stars

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